Monday, January 26, 2009

moshi moshi. hello chomel27 shopaholics.
the long awaited has finally come
here's some of the preview for tomorrow's launching sale.
i so can't wait, can you?
from my watch, we have 5 hours left till the 27th.
be patient people, i hope everyone's a winner!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Room 211 : The big 18

Much apologies for the long postponed entry. I have been to Jakarta again but this time was mainly business, nothing much to review on as most of it overlaps with the one before. So here I am, continuing my journey of Room 211.

It happened on the same day we went to DuFan, 24th December 2008. No one even mentioned anything about Syasya’s birthday. It seemed to be working, my plan that is. So upon checking in at Kartika Chandra, and a few hours rest as well as passing the time to wait for Papa and Mama’s arrival later at about 8pm we went to explore Planet Hollywood, Jakarta.

It had definitely been awhile since I entered such places. That’s why I chose to dine there at about 6pm (about 5pm Malaysia) hoping they serve something familiar to our tummy. At last something familiar was on the menu, not so much of the local cuisine. So everyone seemed to have put on a smile and we ordered, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagna and Nachos, and FishNChips, of course.

So after chatting, I excused myself to the “ladies”. It was suppose to be an excuse to get the waiter to get the cake. And so they did. And, boy was Syasya blushing after the waiters made her stand on the tall chair. I’m glad she had fun. There’s nothing better than a surprise right?
happy 18th birthday Syasya.

So after our late lunch, early dinner, we wanted to take a look at Jakarta’s mall and the closest was Semanggi Mall which was a mile away but it took us almost an hour. How’s that?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A world to believe in

What’s happening to this place we call earth?
Apakah pengertian semua ini?
Where is all this heading to?
Di manakah bumi yang ku pijak nyata?

What has happened to our heart and soul?
Di manakah naluri dan perasaan kita?
What has happened to love and world’s peace?
Tanah, agama, tamakkan harta atau kepentingan individu?

Are we really civilized and educated?
Atau sebenarnya kita ini sehina masyarakat Jahiliah?
Should all this happen? Do they really deserve it?
Pernahkah semua ini terlintas di benak hati?

Why have greed and power overcome us?
Mengapa kita sering dahagakan sesuatu yang lebih?
Why should we steal from others?
Mengapa kesyukuran dan wasatiah tiada bertuan?

Have all of worldly materials blinded us all?
Atau mungkin kita belum terhidu asap neraka?
Haven’t we seen enough floods of blood and bodies?
Tidak kuatkah tangisan dan jeritan kesakitan?

Should we let God judge us?
Mahukah kita ditarik semula segala kemewahan ini?
Should we be inhumane and ignorant?
Perlukah semua ini berlaku?

Almighty, May you open and soften those frozen hearts
Bantulah hamba-hambaMu yang hilaf dan serba kekurangan
Lead them to the path with all your blessings
Dan rahmatilah mangsa-mangsa yang tidak berdosa

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Monday, January 12, 2009

chomel27 launching sale

Hi. I’ll be launching my e-boutique on the 27th of January 2009 at and I would be posting my stuffs on my Facebook too.

You’ll find tops, dresses, Victoria Secret items, hijabs, fabrics, laces and many more at chomel27. Chomel27 caters for women of all ages, colours and sizes. So you’ll be sure to find something for yourself. I hope to bring in more stuff in the future as well as to include items for men and kids as well. So stay tuned.

I would like you guys to help me spread the word to family, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. A little help goes a long way, they say!

2 lucky winners * Victoria Secret item
7 lucky winners * RM10 chomel27 voucher
7 lucky winners * RM5 chomel27 voucher
2 top shoppers * Victoria Secret item

So how do you want to get a hold of these special prizes? Here’s how.

Step 1: Cut and paste this whole message and send it to as many friends as possible and Please send it to me too at

Step 2: Make sure to mark the date 27th January 2009!

Step 3: Shop at chomel27 and make sure you’re friends do too!

Step 4: When you’ve done so, on the launching day itself, winners will be posted on chomel27

In addition, all shoppers will automatically become a member of chomel27’s shopaholic. So everyone’s a winner!

So what are you waiting for? See you on the 27th!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Room 211: DuFan @ Ancol

When we arrived in Jakarta, it was still early. It was 8am. After getting the entire luggage, we went out of Soekarno Airport to meet our tourist guide, Rino. Rino seems like a nice young chap. I bet he’s full of fun, fun, fun!

So as we loaded the 2 Pregio's with all of our stuffs, we planned to visit Ancol. Ancol was more or less like Genting Theme Park. It was huge, bigger than Genting Theme Park, and there are a few parks to go to and one of it is DuFan (Dunia Fantasia), the one we went.We couldn’t start shopping as most of the malls commence its business at 10am and Papa was the one who wanted to take us to Ancol, to take Iqmal and Adam for some rides. The entrance fee was about RM35per person for the oneday with limitless rides, so it was reasonable enough, no?

Adam, Syasya, Elly, Edros and Iqmal (the siblings)

Upon entrance, we could see the crazy rollercoaster, the Solero shot look-a-like, then there’s this big ball where you get in and just roll down the lake which looked exciting but i don't dare get myself wet and also there's many, many fun rides. We managed to play with the merry-go-round, bumper care and a few others. Since the weather was all sunny and hot we or should i say i didnt stand the heat so after some Bakso for lunch we moved on to the indoor game arcade. We couldn’t bear the temperature!

In total, we ended up spending almost RM200 at the arcade. From cars to drums to basketballs, we played everything there. Practically everything. By 3pm we were totally exhausted and moved to Kartika Chandra Hotel to check in. Upon check-in we were excited to see that Planet Hollywood was just 10 steps away from the hotel. Hence, we planned to have tea there, since lunch at Ancol did not satisfy my upset tummy. My tummy is not really good friends with Indonesian food, sorry.

Kartika Chandra, to me is more of a 3 1/2 star hotel. It was over-priced since we chose to have holidays during the peak season (Christmas and New Year). But to me, personally, it's convenient since the hotel is very close to Semanggi Mall and Planet Hollywood! The room was very friendly with large single beds and ample space, but the sad part was, the pillow stinked. We even had to cover it up with bath towels! Do i want to come again? Maybe if i have no other choice. But i definitely like Ancol!

But before we even headed for Planet Hollywood, my head landed on the yummy bed with towel covered pillow. So rest awhile my lil ones.

Room 211: Mama's Drama

Like i said on my first part of the trip, sleep was just putting my head on the pillows. What do you expect to get out of a 4 hour’s sleep?

I got up at 4 and dialed Papa's room. Wake up call is more like it. After an absurd morning shower, I made Edros and Elly to get going but those lazy heads were just being lazy. Blame me for being so excited, but I was, since I had planned all of this by myself. Clap clap for me.

By 5am we were on our way from Concorde Inn to LCCT. The Low Cost Carrier Terminal, correct me if I’m wrong. I look forward to have my breakfast, my set of Big Breakfast at McDonalds. I wanted to settle off checking in for all the 11 of us as well as get the entire luggage into the cabin. And there goes Mama’s drama. Elly called and told Mama cannot follow us to Jakarta as her passport was soon to expire. Masya-Allah, how did this slip through? Just when I felt like everything was in order, something just had to mess it up! Lesson No. 1, always, always check your passport a week before leaving for holidays!

So Mama said “Have fun, its ok. I’ll just stay at Aunty Nor’s house”, what a sad case to me. I was thinking, what’s a family holiday without her, my mom, right? Then, Papa told us to go ahead without them as they re-new the passport in KL. Oh great! Now Papa’s staying back.

Then Papa told me to take care of the siblings as they try and get Mama’s passport re-newed. Hopefully within today she’ll get it done, but the problem is would they make it to Jakarta? I browsed through AirAsia’s website with my E71 and how great it was to know that there’ll be a flight to Jakarta that very evening at about 6pm. That means, my parents will be joining the group later tonight. Alhamdulillah.

So Aunty Rose and family as well as the 5 of us just continued to board without breakfast in our tummy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Room 211: Pre-what? Preparation!

It was Tuesday, the 23rd when everyone was so pumped up in holiday mood. From Penang to Johor Bahru, everyone felt the wave, maybe just us. My family and i, after an early chaotic morning we headed for Kuala Lumpur around 11 am and thats when the journey began.

So after roughly 4 hours of driving with anticipation upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur, we had a pre-shopping trip to Pavilion. The favourite place. My family and I as well as Syasya and her family. So where were we? Pavilion for some shopping. Pre-shopping. Just some pre-shopping which some of us spent a little above expectation. Well, forgive that person, as some may see it as therapeutic. Shopping, i meant.

It was late, well not as in closing time for the mall but since we have had plans to dine with cousins Rina and hubby and Kema and family (Miqael's ibu) so we were rather late as to travel from the city to Subang would take at least 30minutes, minus the traffic congestion. But, Alhamdulillah, with speed racer, coughing, behind the wheels we made it early :) Early to squeeze Miqael's puffy cheeks and chat around with cousins.

We later settled in at the Concorde Inn, Sepang, which to me was so good. Minus the price so cheap and the long walks to your room, you may forget that its Concorde INN and not the hotel in Shah Alam or City Centre. It's a great place to stay if you need to travel early the next day. So there you go, for me its a 4 1/2 star!

Good night, have a nice sleep!

Says who i'll be having a nice sleep? I'm waking up at 4 and there's no such thing as a good night's sleep when it's already midnight!! Noooo...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Project

I'm working on a new project. Room 211

Thats my story from my holidays.
The best places to go,
The best places to dine
What happened,
i'll share everything

Problem is i wished i could lay my un-manicured finger on my keyboard as soon as i land in the beautiful land of Malaysia.

But sadly, i lied on my bed, sick, for the three (3) consecutive days!
yes, due to fever and diarrhoea.

Dont symphatize, im back on track :)

Thanks kakak for being a patient nurse and edros the crazy drive who drove me to the clinic at 3 am after a long and un-air conditioned journey from KL back to Penang. I owe you guys BIG!

[NOTE: Pls do NOT really trust doctors, check your medicine cos PIL CHI KIT TECK AUN works like magic!]


HAPPY 2009!!

Yes, it's already 2009 now- i can still remember days in pre-school, primary school, high school!

A great new crispy white page of a new book to begin with.
To write all the happiness, sadness
tears and laughters
heartfelts and heartaches,
health and sickness
more and more weddings
more and more drama
more and more of Her Sayangness!


All i wish for is a wonderful, joyous start for a great year ahead. May this year bring everything good as well to keep me being wise, calm and collected :)

Happy New Year Friends..