Thursday, April 15, 2010

do.will do. doing. done

My father once told me , do what you love doing. don't do something you're forced to do.

Well, to think of it, its sometimes true. But can we ignore the feeling that sometimes something we love might not be considerate to others. Might not bring us good and all things such.

I can't say i dont love my job. i do. a lot. despite the hectic days it brings bad headaches to me, still i'll manage to go thru with a frown and a smile. However recently, i got a few job offers. Government job offers. My parents practically jumped off their seat. Good news to their ears. However, to me its not much of a good news.

Its the same amount of job.
Same pay and same working hours.
Different environment, people, and place
Less time for other things like my wedding and online boutique
Less holidays and getaways
and worst thing of all i'll have to be in the office at least at 8am.


How can all this be good news?

But then again, i'm trying. I need a platform (capital,too) to start a bigger thing.

A bigger shop perhaps to store all my dresses and shoes for sale. I'd do all these wedding stuffs here as well. The brick and mortar shop with crazy-beautiful ambience and details. Don't u love it?

A cafe overlooking a swimming pool (beach better) with gorgeous and well maintained garden. The kinda of cafe you'd like to spend hours and hours in it, savour delicious food and sipping fruit cocktails, the ones with a little umbrella and lemon wedge on it. When its breezy and beautiful, you'll just long to jump into the pool for a dip.

How great is it to really dream big?

He once said to me. If u dream, dream big. If u wish, wish hard. One day u'll get what u've dreamt and wished for.

How cool is that?