Tuesday, July 27, 2010

give me simplicity

i might sound a little angry, but i'm not denying the fact so here goes.
despite the busy-ness i'm supposed to be facing since it is the last week before the month of Ramadhan, i'm still clueless on what will happen for the engagement. Really. I've called and met and contacted everyone possible to make it happen, pulled all the strings available and i'm now left aimless of what's going on.
why? practically since everything planned for seems to change on a day-to-day basis. i'm getting tired and upset about it really. and as much as i'm concerned, all i need is just the gesture of "bertunang". so why bother organise a whole fiasco, right?
if i wanted to make it simple, i might as well call upon my immediate family and his, and that' s about all. No need for caterers or photographers or favors, or canopies and flowers and matching color-coded attires, dais and all things such. Not some planned event with a whole bunch of family members in matching attires, me on the mini dais with blossoming roses and lilies or whatever other beautiful flowers you can name, canopies lined in the garden with delicious food at the buffet line. What's important is the point when his mother passes on a ring as a resemblance of the engagement ceremony, right?
It's practically bothering me since these last few days which really annoys me. If it's too much i'm asking of, really, i want something simple. Something really simple yet memorable.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

in new york..

concrete jungles where dreams are made of
there's nothing you can't do....

pardon my singing but i hereby welcome the arrival of my parents who went to houston, texas and the big apple (without the whole entourage). they were very excited i bet! which remind me of my holiday to london-paris-dublin-york that was practically one of the most exciting getaways given the fact i survived going on alone (yes i did meet up with friends here and there whom i'm grateful til today) and the recent trip which is yet to be confidential. that topped all holidays i've ever been to.

as for mama and papa, i think they were having such jolly time. they went on tour, shopping, walked for blocks, broadway, went to the fashion district, stayed at 7th avenue, what's there not to love? obviously they brought home tonnes of goodies and 1 thing i loved most was the car plate with writings of "princess"!!! PRINCESS!! i knew this came from mama herself. Die pantang tengok anything with the word princess, she'll definitely get it for me. last she got me was also for my car, the tag with " princess inside". how sweet kan?! i bet she still sees me as her lil princess. Goodness, i'm getting teary eyed now.

while mama was jetlagged, papa was excited with his trip. telling me how it went, what he did and the Bolivion baskers he's bragging about. Papa even bought their CD. So they should be good. Papa is not the typical dad who listens to their songs, he's updated and watch American Idol. He hearts Katy Perry's "if we ever meet again", crazy about all of Lady Gaga's hits, says he'll get the VIP seats if Shakira ever lands in Malaysia, u know all those and i'm so proud to say he's my becoming 60 year old dad! Who blames him for knowing his music??

well, everyone got their portion of goodies. i got myself great items which occurred to me that it had been so long since i last shopped!

like elly kakyu, kak tini and adik would mock me... S.A.V.E! (which means i should be saving for my wedding)


see you soon with more updates

Love, the queen

Saturday, July 17, 2010

taking the weekend off

ni yang lawak ni. baru start planning, pening punye pasal, siap rase nak demam, mr. mystery/kekasehati dengan super baiknye fly back to penang. kononnye nak ease the pain away. so lets see what he did.

friday night after picking him up at the airport (after an hour delay) we headed back home, sebab nak bagi die makan assam pedas ikan pari yang dimasak kan? but after that there was no plans so practically everyone wanted to hit the sack early. tapi kekasehati pulak in the "friday nite" mood, so die ajak lah kami adik beradik pergi melepak at papparich, egate. (Yes! pappa rich have reached the shores of penang island). we didn't lepak for long as we're all tired and adam bruised his legs after kene kejar anjing time main basikal.

mr mystery and i agreed that kids nowadays are exposed to more indoor games. less exposure for other activities like football or whatever sorts have made these kids fragile and totally miss their childhood. when we were kids, we used to play football, badminton and we even cycled together. but that were those days before all this playstation and wii and computer games came in. now, its all about who has the latest gadgets!?! i'm trying to imagine, what'll happen to our next gen if they lack physical activities.


and so, back in track again, its saturday and eventually there's loads of things to settle. i practically had alist ofthings to do with me and i wanted to make use of his presence in penang since i prefer consulting him in anything and takde lah terkial-kial buat n pening kepala sorang2 kan? i had to attend a relatives wedding at tabung haji. truth is, i've no idea who they were but all i know is they're related to mama and thankfully, my aunty nor would be going with me. after that, i plan to search for items. he on the other hand wanted to date. yes, a date. breakfast and movies and jalan2, you know. alhamdulillah, it all went into place. initially i thought it was impossible to get all things done in a day but we managed to do the important ones today and the others on sunday. syukur sangat.

so after the wedding, we headed back home and to Azzahra for some consultations on an event. We later headed to Esplanade for the Bon Odori Festival. Mr mystery hesistated earlier on but we had this rm60 coupon given by his father so its best not to disappoint the old man right? However, once he was there, i think he had a great time. Yeay! He played the yoyo game and got me 6 of it. then we went around searching for things to buy to finish the coupons. And we did! there was a stall selling of all quirky souvenir items which had me going crazy. i somehow imagined being in Japan buying all these souvenirs but then again reality striked and i'm still in the land of malaysia. sigh. perhaps a holiday? 2 games of japanese yoyo, 2 sets of chopsticks, 2 small bags a shopper bag, 2 fish and chips and drinks with a damage of a good rm60.

it was almost 7 when we left esplanade and slowly moved towards batu feringghi. i cant seem to remember when was our last trip but batu feringghi here i come. it was practically the longest walk ever. we walked the whole stretch! after an ice-cream, a new set of fairylights and a new selendang for me and his mom, we decided to go home. but then i'm so hungry. really hungry.

i guess it wasn't so late to stop by gurney drive to get something to eat. ROJAK ROJAK! goodness, he was hilarious. i was there for a mere hour and he entertained us. Yes, i did use the word entertain. every single living creature in Malaysia could have seen his act and i bet it's entertaining.

There you go. a reward for all my headaches and whatevernots. padahal it could be an alasan for him to come back and be with me during the weekends. its just plain boring without him.

ohh to kekasehati...
thank you so much. sesungguhnya saya sangat sayang kamuuuu!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

press START

press start to what?

start for all sorts of planning. initially it all started when his mother slipped the beautiful cincin merisik. Funny but true, neither me nor his mother or the people around us knew which finger to put (left or right,doh, memang la saye tau jari manis takkan jari hantu kot kan?). She tried on the right but mase beli tu tried and tested on the left one so tersekat pulakk.... Terpaksa la his mother tuka pulak ke jari tangan kanan.

Then came the berita that majlis pertunangan, insyaAllah akan berlangsung raya kedua. RAYA KEDUA?????? alahai, time2 tu jugak la dipilih mama sayangku. it might be my last raya as anak dara, time raya kedua la pulak nak tunang. Jiwa memberontak cos perasaan nak kutip duit raye tu sebenarnye ade lagi. tapi takde la ditunjukkan sangat. cover ayu sket la kan?

tapi raya kedua ni ada ke...
orang nak cater?
orang nak pasang canopy?
orang nak buat pelamin?
orang nak buat semua laaaa...


so pagi tadi dalam demam tak demam ni, lepas hantar adik2 skolah, lepas pegi pasar beli barang (nak masak assam pedas ikan pari sebab kekasehati nak datang) singgah la skejap dekat rumah mama zizah. Mama zizah is one of the caterers that i've no complaints. sedap gile! especially kalau nak order makanan ala2 kampung ni. sedap gile weih..... plus raya kedua, mesti orang tak expect lemang ketupat kan? orang nak makan yang best2. super yummy! tapi kan mama zizah plak nak KIV cos raya kedua. WHY mama WHY? Knape la mamaku sayang pilih tarikh 11sept tu? raya kedua tu kan , possible tapi susah sikit?

Kepala pun dah naik pening pikir, tadi hal caterer ni hal pelamin pulak. Mini pelamin yang mama idamkan sangat utk her first wedding. Sigh. Ada ke? Bila nak yang cantek2 mcm Que Ariffin tu, die pulak quote sampai rm6k (include delivery KL-Penang, sebab nak public holiday sume siap) so cmane ni? nak buat sendiri, pandai ke bertukang berandam bagai cik dura?


1. pelamin
2. hantaran
3. caterer
4. canopy
5. baju

mampukah aku????

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and so he proposed..

yes. a proposal. a proper proposal. so classic yet so dreamy.
sunset by the beach. candlelit table. it was unplanned yet it was the most romantic moment of my life.

at the particular moment i was speechless. "macam ni ke rasenye kne propose?" honestly, i didn't know how to react. nak senyum ke nak ketawa ke nak lompat ke nak nanges pon ade. semua pun ada. but all i could utter was i love you.

i think that summed up everything.