Tuesday, July 27, 2010

give me simplicity

i might sound a little angry, but i'm not denying the fact so here goes.
despite the busy-ness i'm supposed to be facing since it is the last week before the month of Ramadhan, i'm still clueless on what will happen for the engagement. Really. I've called and met and contacted everyone possible to make it happen, pulled all the strings available and i'm now left aimless of what's going on.
why? practically since everything planned for seems to change on a day-to-day basis. i'm getting tired and upset about it really. and as much as i'm concerned, all i need is just the gesture of "bertunang". so why bother organise a whole fiasco, right?
if i wanted to make it simple, i might as well call upon my immediate family and his, and that' s about all. No need for caterers or photographers or favors, or canopies and flowers and matching color-coded attires, dais and all things such. Not some planned event with a whole bunch of family members in matching attires, me on the mini dais with blossoming roses and lilies or whatever other beautiful flowers you can name, canopies lined in the garden with delicious food at the buffet line. What's important is the point when his mother passes on a ring as a resemblance of the engagement ceremony, right?
It's practically bothering me since these last few days which really annoys me. If it's too much i'm asking of, really, i want something simple. Something really simple yet memorable.

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