Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blast to the past

We had past the first half of the year and boy was it fast. I remembered the first day of the year. Then, there's another 5 months in 2008 till we get to 2009. 58 days till my birthday (when? you do the math) . Ouh-weeeee!!

Okay, this entry is not for babbling all that. I've come to realise a thing. I'll be 24 this year! OMG, 24? It had been 7 years since i left high school, a year since i graduated and 12 years since i met my first crush. A stranger. It's nothing more than a crush, but the funny thing is i can still remember what happened and the glittering eyes of his. The pretty brown eyes.

I met him on the last day of my family vacation at Langkawi Island in 1996. I was 12 then. We met at KFC somewhere in Kuah Jetty (if i'm not mistaken they have a mall there). He was with his big family, he had quite a number of siblings, and i was with mine. I didn't know he was staring at me for so long, till Kak Yani, my maid, told me so. I thought it was so stupid. You know, especially us being kids. Barely a teenager, i might say. But when i first laid eyes on his beautiful brown eyes, he was quite a charm as well. So my tummy sat quiet, my adrenaline rushed, my cheeks blushed and we continued to glance at each other at every second we got. Until Papa told us it was time to go.

Being "barely a teenager" i would not go and introduce myself right? Im the girl remember? I bet he was still young and naive, so was i. I went back to Penang, only with memories of his smile, and the brown eyes. But if only we exchanged names and numbers, at least we could go on a search later on when we're older. Well, i have no regrets. Believe me. But sometimes i just wonder who he is. Where he is from and all that stupid questions.

He thought me, about my first feelings towards a guy. He discovered it. But it was just a crush. Love on the other hand, is a different story. It's too early for me to even write about it. There's too many love stories, or so i presume in my drama of life. For now, there's only one love story i keep close to my heart.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blue + Yellow = Green

I'm talking about the match between Chelsea FC and Malaysian FC. I bet those who went for the game (especially brother dearie) was so thrilled beyond word with the score, the game, the excitement of it all. A good 2-0.

So we lost, but it was not as bad as the other matches across the region. I heard (being uninterested since it was Chelsea FC) that they defeated other clubs with 7-0 and 5-0, so at least i'm proud to be Malaysian. We're just as good as the those in the English Premier League, right? Or not? Come on, we're slightly smaller in size than them yet they only scored 2. They could have scored more if our team were sissy, right! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't call me Baby!

I'm trying to humm that song "Don't call me baby, nanananana" but this entry has nothing to do with the song. Its just that, I got a new baby and has taken my love, attention and devotion to it. It's my brand new , Nokia E71. I'm so in love. (But definitely loving Mr. Boyfy more!!)

It had been almost 3 years using the Nokia N71 and i think its time to change. As for me, i suck at buying phones. I'm fickle and choosy at the same time. So i found my baby, like i found Mr. Boyfy!!! Thank you Pa :)

Blog Malaysia

We're spotted on Blog !! Yayy!!

My Nad

That's just another reason to blog. And apart from that, i'd like to say good luck and all the best to my beloved Nad, whom just started working as the Internal Auditor at Maybank. Bravo bonita!

Parjo and Sue with their parents

And also much congratulations to 2 of my seniors actually 4 of them who got engaged just recently.

Amin and Zuen with friends

Congrats to Najib (Parjo) & Sue and Amin & Zuen!! Not to mention how much i'm loving Sue and Zuen's dresses. Absolutely beautiful :) Love is in the air!

p/s: Sorry friends that i stole your pics but i can't resist to share it. Sorry again

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ANTM Season 10 (part 1)

Season 10? Can you imagine? Wow! A round of applause to America's Next Top Model. My eyes had been glued to it since i knew it came out and on Astro its repeating the past seasons, so screw it.

Tyra Banks

Its a great season, i know, especially with Tyra being GREEN and environmentally friendly yet absolutely maintaining the gorgeousness.

Paulina Porizkova (the one in purple) among the models

This season ANTM featured a new judge, Paulina Porizkova, the beautiful legendary supermodel. And then, there's the fashion and runway guru Miss J. Alexander and MY, sizzling hot photographer Nigel Barker. Isnt he beautiful ?

episode 1

High school fashion was in session for 35 model-wannabe in Los Angeles and their first class for the crash course was "Modelling 101" by the super-fabolous Mr.J. They learnt how to adapt expressions to posings. Then, there was the cut for the top 14.

The ANTM 10 models

Marvita : The airhead comeback.

Lauren : The quirky girl, awkward punk girl with bad runway walks but photogenic

Stacy Ann - The sweet doll-faced.

Whitney : Poised and proud plus-size. I like her a lot!

Katarzyna : Gorgeous, Eastern European look, the sexy stunner.

Anya : The unique accent ice princess

Dominique : Tranny-look model whose strong and selfish.

Kim : Reese Witherspoon look-a-like

Amis : The crazy, happy-go-lucky model.

Aimee : The pretty red-head with porcelain skin.

Claire : The 24 year old mom

Atalya : Pretty face but with little potential.

Allison : The eating disorder and exercise freak model.

Fatima : The Somalian girl a.k.a Miss know-it-all

I have a great feeling for Whitney, Katarzyna, Anya, Aimee and Stacy-Ann . They're just my fave's. Can't wait for more drama in the house of models and not forgetting credits to Christian Marc, the abso-fabolous hair stylist and Sutan the fierce-ly fabolous makeup artist.

episode 2

First they made their way to NYC for their new crib, the house of models. Absolute stunner and again environmental -friendly. (Sorry but no pics for this :)

Aimee and her Badgley Mischka walk

There, there, it was the girls first walk. How cute is that? And they got landed their shinny feert on The Badgley Mischka Fashion show at the heart of NYC. The runway was at Times Square!!!!

Amis being fashionably homeless by Sarah McColgan

As for the photo shoot, it was "Homeless for Fashion". The girls had to send a message on homeless youth. The judges thought Amis was lost. She was supposed to be lost and in pain. She's homeless right?

episode 3

Top Model Makeovers, from blonde to redhead, redhead to raven black,brunette to blond. Long hair short, short hair extended.

Elle MacPherson and Mr. Jay Manuel

For their photo shoot this episode, Elle Macpherson, yes, i repeat Elle Macpherson surprised the girls at a photo shoot and which they model her new line of lingerie.

Lauren and the Brooklyn Bridge by George Holz

After looking thru, i find Laurens picture is concealed and less revealing than the others. Sorry guys. But hey, the judges thought it was the best photo!

episode 4

Turn up the heat, or you'll get cold! The girls went to the fire station for a fiery runway 101 with Mr J Alexander due to some mis-walks at the Badgley Mischka Fashion Show at Times Square. The girls needed help from runway diva, Mr. J. They can be pretty but not all know how to walk!

The fiery outfit

It's was actually a practice for the next challenge of the Tuleh Design Fashion Show. Winner of the challenge, Katarzyna and two friends got to do a photo shoot of Lot 29 advertorial for Seventeen Magazine advertorial with Jaslene (ANTM Cycle 8) .

Anya with 'em hogs by Trevor O'Shana

"Where's the Beef?" - The models hit the meat-packing district for an unusual photo shoot on America's Next Top Model. The girls were to pose with lines of hogs, wearing a great wardrobe out of meat, euww. Utterly provocative! But look at Anya and her meat. Look how classy she played with it :)

episode 5

Benny, Vendela and the troops

You all know your ABC's but what about the 3 C's? Commercial, couture and catalogue. (Yay! I remembered). The girls were sent for a posing class with the posing instructor, Benny Ninja and supermodel Vendela. I totally adore Benny Ninja, not for him but his passion for posings, duuh.

Claire and Stacy Ann doing their thang!

The Battle is on. You better bring it to the center. and WORK! For the challenge, the girls had been divided into 2 teams and they were supposed to battle with each other as well as applying what they have learnt earlier. The 3 C's? The battle was held in Brooklyn. The winning team went to the Swag Tent, the celebrity gift sweeps for celebrities before an award and what not. The place you can take whatever you like? OMG, i want to be on the winning team! But the best part was the best poser gets a trip to Bora Bora, that's even better!

Stacy-Ann and her paint by Peter Buckingham

"Beauty shots with paint" - The girls had to a close-up shot of their face with dripping colourful paint on . Absolute charm. I actually loved the idea. And the outcome of it. However, there was a great joke with Fatima who accidentally forgotten to shave her armpit! OMG, totally dysfunctional. Need a shaver Fatima?

( be continued)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Freaky Friday

Not the movie, of course.

I got up lazily today and Papa dropped me off to work. The whole reason i was late was a great girly nite out with Ada. Yes, she came back from Dublin after 2 summers. Long talks, drama, drama, drama and a bit of shopping. She did.

Sadly, she'll be going off to KL tonite and will be coming back on Wednesday or Thursday. That's when i'm going off to JB. Great, she came back after 2 years and i get to see her twice?! (Girls, i'll pass the gift i got you guys from Mekah to Ada okay?)

Then, Ada got me these two lovely scarfs from Dublin. Thank you, Love. I heart them a lot. I think i told you that last nite. Thanks again. So, 2 to the collection. Nice! Envy me people. No, don't!
Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye for now

Yes goodbye.

To my lovely, Mr. Rice. I have vowed to breakup with Mr Rice for at least the next 3 months and that excludes my sushi fix. Sorry but i need my bi-weekly salmon fix too and the best way to have it is Sake Sushi (Did i get this right? I think i did). And there's Bon Odori festival (Japanese festival) this weekend at the Esplanade. Great, for starters?! And while im talking about Sushi, im terribly missing my sister. We usually go together for our sushi fix.

Salmon Sushi

Yesterday over a treatment, which i was not able to doze off, (perhaps the hot wrap made me not) i was thinking of ways to accelerate weight loss, and i thought it was a great idea to say Goodbye to Mr Rice. I did it once before, and now i need it again.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008

I don't have a goal to be Miss Universe slim or what but i just need to shed a few pounds. More than 10kg to be exact! How am i suppose to do that? I've come to realise that i had put on 12 crazy kilos since 2001. And thats 12 kgs in 7 years. Thats 1.714 kgs a year. 0.143kg per month. Okay now i'm freaking out. Im not blaming anyone for my gain. Whose to blame but myself? That means i have to monitor my weight day after day. Yes i had bought myself a PINK weighing machine and its in my office.
Wish me luck people!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

normally normal

it had been Normally Normal for the past week.

For the weekends, i spent my time with Mama for tailor-hunting. Its almost Ramadhan and most tailors would not take any orders. We actually went to 2 different tailors to send our piles of cloth. It was mad! I'll be spending my next paycheck on these. Yikes! (Attie, dont worry, Dura tak hantar lagi kain untuk wedding Sya)

On Saturday, i went to the beach with my siblings (minus my sis) and Kakak my maid. Kak Elin, her hubby, Aiman and Alia joined us too. I forgot my camera and missed all the funny shots of us. But we had a lot of fun. Banana boat with the kids. Parachute with edros. And Picnic. (ET, it doesnt have to be summer to go to the beach. I can go all year long minus rainy days :)

Then, there's catching up with work, work and work. Submitting forms and letters. Boring! I'm reading my Kite Runner at 40km/h as it is a good book and i dont want to finish in a go. And i'm also being a couch potato with Ugly Betty's 2nd Season.

Cant wait to get home and see my Daniel Meade (the sizzling hot editor) and Henry Grubstick (the nerdy yet hot accountant)! Posh was featured in this season and as usual this season, the casts had great lines of clothes. I thought Posh's maid-of-honour dress was a killer. So people, please watch.

I remember when i was a little girl and was always glued with this drama series, telenovelas and all. Blame me for being such a drama queen, (at times!). Mama always told me to stop watching it and start studying cause "sampai tua tak habes" and that when i'm working i can catch up with all that. So here i am doing what she once told me and i find it true. It'll never end. Thanks, Ma.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

35minutes to Medan

4th July 2008
It was the 4th of July that we waited the plane to Medan at Penang International Airport. A delayed flight. Before i start writing bout the trip, i just want to share the tiny bit bout Indonesia AirAsia which sent us 2 early notices of delayed flight from 6.10pm to 8.10pm and later on to 10.10pm.Dont say anything. Im saving my anger! We were bummed by the notices as it will shorten our trip and cut off our shopping session. So when we checked in and waited in the departure hall, we still had a little bit of excitement. But we were let down when we did not see any plane to Medan. We ended up flying to Medan at 12.40am! Late flight. No shopping.

At the departure hall with brother, Edros

Upon arrival at the Polonia Airport, Medan, we were greeted by Edros' girlfriend, Hanan and her cousins, Putri and Cindy. We were starving for food due to the long wait so we went to some stall with 2 guys singing, seniman jalanan, as i might call it. We were entertained and i'm tired and happy as well. Just can't wait to get to Polonia Hotel and start snoozing.

Polonia Hotel - Big bed, i like, clean room with a bath tub but i hate the breakfast! Lack of variety. But i cant complain much with the price so reasonable. At least im happy with the room.

5th July 2008

The very next morning, after breakfast we headed off for some shopping but i did not like it as shopping there were not as much fun as i had in Jakarta or Bandung. We had an early lunch as to proceed with our trip to Lake Toba which will take us 5 hours of winding and bumpy roads to get there.

On the way to Lake Toba.

It was a long journey to Lake Toba. I hated it so much that i promise not to go again anytime soon. We stopped a few times and i felt like throwing up most of the time. When we reached Lake Toba, it was around Maghrib, and checked in at Inna Parapat Hotel. It was the best hotel Lake Toba has, but trust me it looked so old and eerie the time i arrived. So 80's. Perhaps, it was the lighting, cos the next morning when we went for breakfast, it was all okay. Who wouldnt be more happier to wake up with such beautiful green scenery. I felt like i was in one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy set!

From the Balcony

Breakfast was okay. Some bihun and an ommelette. I couldn't stand the local breakfast of fried rice and local dishes. It's breakfast-lah! Our plan that morning was to go to Samosir Island, the place of Batak. The once cannibals. Believe me, it my brother was not there, i wouldnt dare. Takut, ok?!

the slow-moving boat

To get to Samosir Island, we had to get a boat. There's free shuttle via a slow-moving boat complimentary to our hotel room. The boat takes up to 30 pax and the problem is, that it will take us forever. So, no thank you for the boat ride.

the speedboat

We chose to go by the speedboat which we had to hike some long flight of stairs to get there. For a fee of IDR400,000 (around RM150) we took the speedboat which took us around the lake and to Samosir Island in a matter of minutes, 15 minutes to be exact. Its all 'bout the money, baby!

Batu Gantung

First we went to 'Batu Gantung' (Hanging stone), which was one of the attractions there and it came with a story behind it. It was said that a princess was to wed a prince, but she wanted to marry her lover. She ran away from the castle with her puppy and slipped down the cliff. Her leg was stucked to the tangled roots and she ended up dying there with her puppy. Hmm, some kind of story, eh?

on the speedboat

Then, we proceed to the beautiful Samosir Island. The well-kept beauty of mother nature. Samosir Island, the home of the Batak, greeted with greens everywhere, no skyscrapers, just trees and hills. So fresh. Like Edros said it looked like we went back in time to the land of dinosaurs.

Samosir Island

We hired a tourist guide at Kampung Tomok (Tomok in Batak language meant Fat) in Samosir Island for a fee of IDR100,000 (RM35) to show us around. The place was full of culture. Full of colours. He, first, took us to the market. The place where u can find just about anything to bring home as souvenirs for family and friends. From keychains to batik, t-shirts to sarongs.

at the market with Edros, Rosli and Hanan

He also showed us the Rumah Batak (House of Batak) which is similar to the Minangkabau houses in Negeri Sembilan. That day, i knew why the houses were built in such a way. The Bataks believed that the roof meant that they hope the future would be better than it is in the past generations. If you realised the Batak dance, the would also hold their hand together hoping that their future would be better than the past. Hmm, really?

Batak house

In front of the Batak house, there was a mannequin of a man in Batak costume. It was believed that the mannequin was made for their King to reminisce the death of his second son.

Notice for the show

The mannequin can actually dance with the help of the Bomoh or witch doctor, like wayang kulit, for a fee,but this one is far better. It can dance with the soul of the second prince if the Bomoh does his mantra and with pretty lady dancers to dance with him. If there weren't any pretty dancers, he would not dance. The tourist guide asked us if we wanted to watch the show. I was like OMG, noooooooo. Seriously, it freaked me out!

The museum

Later we moved on to the Museum where all the historic items were on display. The Batak had a symbol which is the lizard and 4 Boobies, yup Boobs! They believed that they were like lizards who will live anywhere or sumthing like that and the 4 Boobs were the symbol for wealth, health, faith and i forgot cos the thought of Boobs as symbols were hilarious. The Batak believed that no matter how pretty a girl may be but if the boobs were small, they are useless to wed. They'll be fed with herb soup to make it bigger. Hmm. The Batak love chubby ladies with big boobs. Whatever!

The selempang or shawl

After that, we went to the cemetery of King Sidabutar. To enter we were suppose to wear a shall over our shoulders to respect the dead. I had goosebumps when i entered the place. I did not dare take any pictures here as it was too eerie. However, there was a tale of a lady which had her statue carved of stone on a King's stone coffin.

It was his first love who was taken away by another King whom used black magic to wed the lady. Out of love, the Batak King asked the old people to neutralize the lady with white magic, but failed to do so as it was told that both magic had made the lady went nuts. She ran away from the village and was nowhere to be found. Some believed that she ran to the woods and died there. Some believed that she drowned herself in the lake. I pitied the lady as a victim of the two Kings.

Inna Prapat Hotel

After that, we headed home. From afar i saw Inna Parapat Hotel and Home sweet home. My tummy was growling for food and we headed to the town which was five minutes by AngKot (Angkutan Kota) the local van/bus at IDR2500 (RM0.90). We had Nasi Padang and Terong Belanda juice. In Indonesia especially the suburbs, you can hardly find anything else than Nasi Padang or Indomie.


At the hotel, we met Nia a cute little girl who occupied the room next to mine. We managed to get a picture after calling her a few times. he was rather shy. Then, we headed to the lake for the evening activities which involved jet ski, and other water activities, too many to name them.

6th July 2008

We had to wake up early morning as Pak Yussuf, our driver for the day will be arriving at the hotel at 8am. There was no breakfast buffet so we had to search for restaurants and ended up eating Indomie Goreng for breakfast. It was not a good idea to eat Indomie before travelling the bumpy and winding roads. Most of the time i felt like throwing up. Leaving Lake Toba was hard as i had embrace the beauty of mother nature. Nevertheless, i would not want to live there too.

Before heading to the airport, we managed to stop by Grand Palladium Mall for lunch. And i was so happy that at the restaurant they served Burger! I had Cheeseburger, lemon tea and some ice-cream sundae for RM10?!

As usual our flight was delayed, again, by an hour but its okay cos i can't wait to get home and step on the land of Malaysia. Im thankful to be Malaysian, for the yummy food, for the great and convenient tolls (even though the price of it is seriously expensive), for the great roads and great transportation.

Please note: i still dont agree with our "beloved Badawi" and other Ministers whom asked us to change our lifestyle when they do not queue for bus/LRT/Star, they have drivers to wait for them in their Beemers or Mercs, a garage-full of cars, and escorted by police. They obviously do not wear non-branded items, They obviously shop at StarHill and Pavillion or Paris or Milan itself. They do not eat Ubi Kayu or any sorts of such potatoes, they do not shop for groceries, they do not pay tolls and petrols. Everything is paid for by the people. Where do they spend their money then? Yet they tell us to change lifestyle? Hmm think bout it.

Anyways, i'm happy with my trip to Medan so I'd rather not spoil it :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

friday so blue

its 5 o'clock now. Work is over-piling throughout the day (Timing is good when holiday mood sips in) but Alhamdulillah I've done my part and i'm helping others as well. Baik kan?

Hmm, I hate it how time goes so slow when I'm being unproductive especially but it goes on full speed there's tonnes of job to be done. I bet for those of you who knows what I'm talking about would agree, yes?

Enough of all this bullscrap. I need to return to my reading. Oh, my eyes are currently glued to The Kite's Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Have a great weekend friends! Hope i will do too :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Woke Up Married

I have not been blogging that much this week due to my incapabilities of blogging. D'uh. I'm still not feeling well but i'm definitely leaving for Medan tomorrow. Sempat lagi tu, hehe.

With my sister in Melaka, sometimes i have the tendency to call him every now and then out of boredom and loneliness. I needed company. Something to occupy my time. So, i figured i should spend more ME-time.The time i spend lesser and lesser not since i started working. Reading, self-spa, jogging, shopping, anything at all. There! I chose reading while i was sick, what more can a sick girl do? (I had been book-shopping for the past few weeks) I'm happy reading and here goes my first book. Woke Up Married. It made me think. It made me smile. And it made me sad. I like it! (Sorry but no spoiler :)