Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't call me Baby!

I'm trying to humm that song "Don't call me baby, nanananana" but this entry has nothing to do with the song. Its just that, I got a new baby and has taken my love, attention and devotion to it. It's my brand new , Nokia E71. I'm so in love. (But definitely loving Mr. Boyfy more!!)

It had been almost 3 years using the Nokia N71 and i think its time to change. As for me, i suck at buying phones. I'm fickle and choosy at the same time. So i found my baby, like i found Mr. Boyfy!!! Thank you Pa :)


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hi Adura.. you might not remember me sgt kot sbb by the time you joined the Sg Ara carpool to SKSG, kak Yong dah masuk morning session dah hehe.. kak Yong ni.. found your blog at Ada's page..

Camne you n your family? Uncle Zubir and Aunty Zaini sihat? Edros? Adura keje mane ye?

reena said...

Cool gadget!