Tuesday, July 15, 2008

normally normal

it had been Normally Normal for the past week.

For the weekends, i spent my time with Mama for tailor-hunting. Its almost Ramadhan and most tailors would not take any orders. We actually went to 2 different tailors to send our piles of cloth. It was mad! I'll be spending my next paycheck on these. Yikes! (Attie, dont worry, Dura tak hantar lagi kain untuk wedding Sya)

On Saturday, i went to the beach with my siblings (minus my sis) and Kakak my maid. Kak Elin, her hubby, Aiman and Alia joined us too. I forgot my camera and missed all the funny shots of us. But we had a lot of fun. Banana boat with the kids. Parachute with edros. And Picnic. (ET, it doesnt have to be summer to go to the beach. I can go all year long minus rainy days :)

Then, there's catching up with work, work and work. Submitting forms and letters. Boring! I'm reading my Kite Runner at 40km/h as it is a good book and i dont want to finish in a go. And i'm also being a couch potato with Ugly Betty's 2nd Season.

Cant wait to get home and see my Daniel Meade (the sizzling hot editor) and Henry Grubstick (the nerdy yet hot accountant)! Posh was featured in this season and as usual this season, the casts had great lines of clothes. I thought Posh's maid-of-honour dress was a killer. So people, please watch.

I remember when i was a little girl and was always glued with this drama series, telenovelas and all. Blame me for being such a drama queen, (at times!). Mama always told me to stop watching it and start studying cause "sampai tua tak habes" and that when i'm working i can catch up with all that. So here i am doing what she once told me and i find it true. It'll never end. Thanks, Ma.

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