Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

Remember when i've posted on Islamic calendar? And mine falls on Awal Muharram? And i said i'll be celebrating my birthday thrice this year, 2 on Awal Muharram and 1 on the 27th of September itself? Yes, this year we have 2 Awal Muharram's, so i'll be celebrating me birthday, again for the third time! And as a celebration i'm going on holidays.

I'll be gone for holidays 23rd to 29th December 2008. No updates till i'm back. Hopefully i'll have loads of stories to share with, and hopefully i'll blog before New Year itself :)

If you guys are having your holidays as well, don't drink & drive safely.


Cinderella story

Remember last week when i had to attend 2 weddings?
Okay one was perfectly normal but the other was not! Well, nothing to do with the groom being my friend. But something terrible happened when i was there.

On Sunday, i had put on my new "baju kurung". A yellow number. A pretty one indeed with matching hijab and also a pretty gold heels i had in my shoe closet for quite some time now. It was all perfect. Yes, i was excited about this wedding as the groom is a close friend of mine and Edros. So, upon arrival at the hall, as the normal ritual, i would greet and "salam" everyone, the family members. So as i was doing all that and approaching my table, i felt something was wrong. So i looked to my feet and there it goes, the strap was torn.Believe it or not ?
Omygod!! I felt so embarassed but thank goodness no one was looking. How would i pass through the buffet table? What if i have to walk around? Elly was so generous to get me my plate of "nasi minyak". So as i was seated, we tried to figure out what to do with it, what's inside her handbag and my clutch to help the situation with terrible laughs about it, Elly, handed a plaster. And i was like "What good would it do?" It actually do good. She just plastered the whole thing and it was great to walk on, again. Alhamdulillah. i could walk again. So after the cake cutting ceremony we wanted to head back. Again, we "salam" the family members and just as i was talking to the groom's mother, it happened again. But on the other side.

So there goes Sayangness' glass slipper. But in my story, no prince charming would pick up my slippers as its torn!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A friend shared this beautiful song. So as a lovely friend, i'm sharing this with you too.

Rascall Flatts - What Hurts The Most
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don’t bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok
But that’s not what gets me
What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin’ to do
It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I’m doin’ It
It’s hard to force that smile when
I see our old friends and I’m alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, livin’ with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken
What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do
What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do
Not seeing that loving you
That’s what I was trying to do

three point four

Okay, happy face and extra claps for my sister, NORALISA ZUBIR. Please cheer for my sister.

She got her transcript today and she got good results for her first semester. Alhamdulillah :)

Hehe. spaQ2 is back. When all my other fave shows will soon "get some rest".

I'm not a fan of Malay shows but since now Malaysian acts are getting better and the actors/actresses are much much better than those in the 80's (i'm only referring to some of them, so jangan perasan).

There's this girl, Sheila Ooh La La (Kencana Devi), i like her a lot. Very the kaypo! But sadly Intan Azura and Elly Mazlein is no more with SpaQ.

Ok,got to go, its uploaded.I'm watching it online @ TV3.

Oh,oh and before that, Toshop's on sale starting today and i had my grab during lunch since i can't go with Eida Beyda after work cos i'll be working till late, meeting datelines. So go serbu people!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend, i'll have 2 weddings to attend. I bet a lot of you guys would as well (attend weddings). Please don't tell me you'll be sitting at home "attending" Mawi and Ekin's wedding. I've had enough of their wedding coverage that another bit would make me gag. I'm definitely not jealoused at all that they're geting married but please.. stay out of my way. You guys just make me puke!

This weekend a cousin of mine, Kak Tuty will get married and an oldtime friend/neighbour is getting married too. Thank God, the time does not clash. I have this weddings next year which all 3 falls on the same day and in different states. So help me, how am i suppose to attend 2 of my cousins wedding from both my parent's side and being a bridesmaid to my good friend from KDU Miss Emma Kalsum? If only dear Papa owns AirAsia! :)

This weekend, i'll be staying in the office again, sorting out my stuffs, my work, whatever need to be done before i leave for my utterly loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong holiday (yes, please dont envy me, im just lucky the boss is me :). I'll be away from the 23rd of December till 4th. So double yay!

And since i'll be off for my holidays, this weekend, i'll be packing my luggage :) oh, and that reminds me to spring-clean my not-o-messy room. Care to help anyone?

Happy days!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KIKI and the Pet Society

Meet my pet KIKI

I'm so glued to this game since it was introduced last Thursday by my colleagues, Kak M, Roro and my brother. They were so attached to it, so i felt left out.

Being the newbie, i was so excited that I play all day, in between jobs and I slept late (like 3am) just to collect points and just to play with it.

After all this while being a babbling "mother" to my brothers about playing computer games and PlayStation, i'm being one myself. Sheesh, i'm ashamed.

But this is different, it's so cool! But u'll have to experience it yourself.

Okay peeps, got to go play!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Body of Lies

Last night, her Sayangness went for a movie with siblings and friends. Body of Lies. Yes, Her Sayangness was into something serious and the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio's the star (my fave actor with such great talent!). However. it didn't suit the time as serious movies should never be watched at midnight. It'll be a waste. You drooling and snoring while others try to concentrate. I'm not speaking for myself, but my sis. Haha. She's not a big fan of serious movies or action packed movies. So there goes her 10 bucks

Well, another thing is the State's Governor was there to watch with us too and we, or perhaps should i say i, felt so honoured. Well, with gazillions bodyguard and police officers, i don't think anyone would want to miss it, should they? Haha. All of us felt like royalties. Royalties for 250 minutes. :)

About the preview, click on GSC cos i'm tired of reviewing it. It a good movie minus the part where its all about jihad, Islam, bombing whatever. Yawns! Okay, i don't like it when these movie-makers starts to include religions and condemning one another. Americans against the Jihad and the other way around. Before i bore you and you start to snore, i better get going.

Prepare for the Monday blues :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Places to see before they disappear

Yes, you read it right, DISAPPEAR! They are going to disappear, i thought, how?

I read this on Yahoo! today (you can check it yourself, if you don't believe me) and to my surprise they are really going to disappear. I can't believe it. Perhaps its the global warming, perhaps not. One thing or the other, i can't believe it. I mean, of course, if given a chance, i would want to see the 'gift of love'. How romantic of Shah Jahan? Where have all the good men gone, right? I have always thought of visiting Taj Mahal as, you know, for honeymooners, or maybe visiting it later when you're married. And from what i heard from Cintahati's mom, Taj Mahal is definitely a wonder. Beautiful, magnificent were some of the words she said (minus the part where India is not really a hygienic country, whoops!). I'm so not happy with this fact. I really hope, i get to see Taj Mahal before it disappears and only seen on postcards. InsyaAllah.
Plus, not only Taj Mahal would be disappeared but also some others including
  • Pyramids of Giza,
  • Lord Howe Island, Australia
  • Gu Gong (Forbidden City), China, and
  • Little Green Street, London

Consider visiting these rare cultural, historic, and natural sites before they are irrevocably altered or gone forever

The Taj Mahal

If the plan to close the Taj Mahal goes into effect, it would reduce this over-the-top mausoleum — built by Shah Jahan (fifth emperor of the Mughal dynasty) to mourn his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal — to a mere postcard silhouette instead of the spiritual experience it can be.

Even a recent rise in admission prices doesn't deter floods of tourists from shuffling through the Taj Maha l — three to four million tourists every year. Between the crowds and the air pollution that's eating away its white stone facade, tourism officials are considering closing this 17th-century landmark to the public, leaving its fabulous domed symmetry — that graceful center onion dome, the four smaller surrounding domes, the slender punctuating minarets, the serene reflecting pool — visible only from afar.

Shah Jahan placed this memorial beside the Yamuna River, despite the constant risk of flooding, because it was next to the bustling market of the Tajganj, where it is said he first saw Mumtaz selling jewels in a market stall. Work started in 1641, and it took 20,000 laborers (not to mention oxen and elephants) 22 years to complete; its marble came from Rajasthan, the precious stones from all over Asia. In the late 19th century, the badly deteriorated Taj Mahal was extensively restored by British viceroy Lord Curzon; what will today's Indian government do to preserve this treasure?

word of the day : SUPERWOMAN


Yes, like Christina Aguilera's song and i'd like to change Neyo's "Miss Independent" to Miss Superwoman. Why i say this is because, i've been working my "self" off this week just to cover up my holidays from 23rd to 29th (it might be extended till new year). So whatever i have to get done, i'll have to do it within the next few days. But truth be told, i worked till midnight.

Believe it or not? Midnight!

Cintahati even called me SUPERWOMAN!

I'm supposed to be flattered with the compliments but its not. I took it as an insult. Yes, i thought he was sarcastic, then. Whatever-lah, but i don't like to think about work stuff when i put my sunnies and flip flops ready for my vacation. I get totally pissed if i do, don't you? Please tell me i'm no weirdo, but sometimes, like all the time, i get so ticked when someone or anything annoys me when my head is in multiple knots, berceramuk, kusut, everything. Plus its PMS time so, thank you very much, i don't even feel like seeing anyone. Especially when zits starts popping like no one's business.

Before i start to maki tak pasal-pasal, i hope you guys have a great weekend.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Its, again and again, the toughest time of the month.

I and the whole gang have to stay up late, making panda bear eyes, eat pizza takeaways, scoop our last Baskin Robbins again. Not that it's a bad idea but its FATTENING!! My tummy especially chose not to communicate with my brain, so everything's going hay-wire. But i can't blame Ms Tummy cos Mr Body are working extra hard and Little Miss Eyes are going opposite ways now!

This is even worst than Ugly Betty's dreams or even Blair Waldorf's wildest dreams!!

I'm in need of a masseuse (or is it just an excuse!)

Talking about Ugly Betty and Gossip Girls, well, its almost the end of their season now and i won't have an excuse to watch TV series through my flat screen/lcd monitor. Sad case. Especially when it's all hot and saucy when Blair finally confesses to Chuck (smiling dreamily!) and the fact that Heroes are getting so complicated yet I'm so glued to it, watching week after week and Ugly Betty is better than ever, greater!

But i fret it won't be long since i'll get other addictions to continue with.
One Tree Hill.
Friends re-run.
Project Runway

anything at all, i'm up to it. Plus the books piling up and the new ones Cintahati got me at the book fair at City Square JB last weekend will definitely keep me company.
You know you love me. XOXO

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok PMS or not, its the time of the month which you should hang on tight to your "hunny bunny". Call them whatever you want, do whatever they like even if your body screams of pain. What more would you want to offer since its almost Christmas and End of Year and the Malaysia Saving Sale formerly known as YES (Year End Sale) is happening all around. And today in particular, to feed my high demand and expensive hobby, Habib's on sale.

After yesterday's tutorials on how to deal with your PMS girlfriend, this would do so much wonders to her. Believe me. i know so! Even if, she's not in the time of the month, just be prepared or better still prevent it rather than to cure later on, since the sale will only last till end on this year.

I should better get going, people and "shine" myself off. Problem is, i won't be shopping any soon since i'll havve to secure some for my Christmas trip later on :)

PMS : Trust me, we can't help it

I understand people withdraw themselves from talking about this matter for some reason -- like it is "improper" or forbidden or something, I don’t know. But in my opinion, I don't see what the big deal is.

It crops up to me a few seconds ago that perhaps members of the opposite sex (men!) still don’t get it. (Yes, you won't have to figure this one out, I'm having my PMS now)

What men often don't seem to understand, is that PMS is very real! Valid! Factual! What else? It isn't a reason to be irritating or a nag. It isn't a reason for being overly sensitive and shedding a tear or two at the cheesy movie scenes. And it really isn't something we can have power over. We struggled and strived and there are some ways to minimize the consequences, although the reality is, we occasionally merely can't help it.

Women's bodies (some more than others) go through physical, hormonal transformations during this time of the month and we, mainly, experience like we are on a roller coaster. Only it isn't like a "weeee!! another loop-dee-loop!!" fun roller coaster. It is a flat-out physically and emotionally un-fun roller coaster.

And for some reason, hardly any men seem to recognize how to deal with these feelings. They make an effort, heaven knows they try, and I'm sure it isn't easy; nevertheless possibly it is a lack of understanding that maintains them from successfully managing the situation.

And although it also might make their lives easier, I suppose men do have some responsibility to assist their wife or girlfriend out in these circumstances. It unquestionably isn't something they should just overlook. Why not help us through it rather than make it more difficult for us? We have the babies, we deal with pain on a monthly basis and we acquire to endure menopause later in life. We may well at least make use of a little empathy and consideration from our men throughout the few days a month that our bodies are rebelling against us.

I know we can sometimes get a little bit scary, but bear with us...

To make it a little bit easier, I want to pass on a few pieces of guidance to men (even if they all stopped reading after they saw those three letters -- P-M-S -- maybe the females still reading will have some tools to pass on).

#1: Never, EVER say the following: "I hate when you have PMS," "You're only saying that/acting that way since you have PMS," etc. Even though it may very well be true, it really makes us mad. And although we are most likely exaggerating, our feelings are genuine and compelling. (For example, I get a lot more irritated when my husband leaves his wet towel in a pile on the bathroom floor when I have PMS, but it still annoys me other times of the month.) Your best bet? Don't even mention "PMS" unless we bring it up. And even then, maybe you might want to just let us do the talking.

#2: Don't leave us alone and unaccompanied. Even if we say we need to be left alone, what we truly want is a nice cuddle, some chocolate and a back rub. Is that so hard? Don't pay attention to us, don't take it personally, you don't even have to talk. Just spring into action immediately. Repeat after me: Hug, chocolate, massage. Hug, chocolate, massage. Hug, chocolate, massage.

#3: For roughly one week a month, even if we are wrong and even if we try, do not argue with us. Just don't. Because probabilities are, even if you have the more rational disagreement, you won't win this one.

#4: Take us out to dinner (fried food=woman with PMS' best friend) or offer yourself in the kitchen. Give us flowers, even if you plucked them from the neighbor's garden, the park wherever. Tell us we are beautiful, even if we look depressed and bloated. Feed us chocolate. Or better still, all of the above. The one obsession that is sure to make us feel better is some good, old-fashioned pampering. And we deserve it!

#5: Don't freak out when we cry. We are expressive this time of the month, and let's be honest, most women are emotional to begin with. So men, please, hand us a tissue and try not to make the colossal mistake of making fun of us as we cry over an "Armageddon" re-run.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The tagging game by Reena

Tag No. 1

Telah ditagged oleh Reena

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any 1 questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by and continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
- He knows how i'll be.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
- To live happily, dunia dan akhirat

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
- Someone.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
- My own foundation, investments, shop, shop, shop, and so much more

5. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
- i've fallen in love with him, the best friend, the first love

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
- i'm lucky to be blessed with both. i love him entirely and so does he

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
- Alhamdulillah, we had waited for over a decade

8. If the person you secretly love like is already attached, what would you do?
- Depends. :)

9. What do you pray each day for your loved one?
- So we would be blessed with great health and wealth, love and happiness and semoga we could love until our last breath together

10. What takes you down the fastest?
- Empty tummy

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
- Blissed with tonnes of kids in the house and cintahati by my side helping me managing his kids

12. What do you really want at the moment of responding to this tag?
- To be close to him, always

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
- Like she said, we met when we were in our teens, fun loving person. hope to meet her at coffee bean someday and yap about shopping things

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
- i dont mind. wats the point being rich and not sharing it with the one u love.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
- call him to wake him up

16. What’s the character must have in your partner?
- he loves me seadanya, understands me inside out, pampers me, funny and knows how to make me laugh.. and everything in cintahati

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
- im in love with one and only one

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
- i'll remember every details but i'll forgive but not forget

19. Do you prefer being single or having an affair or a relationship?
- i love being in a relationship as to witness his life and he witness mine. which is so beautiful

20. Would you leave your family behind just to chase your dreams?
- im not. im working with them, if i run they run too

Tag No. 2

Ni plak telah ditagged oleh Reena jugak

1. Do u think u are HOT?
- Hot not.

2. When was the last time u ate pizza?
- Last week since we stayed at the office till late

3. The last song u listen too?
- one last chance by him

4. What are u doing right now besides this?
- missing him A LOT since i talked to him 2 hours ago

5. What name u prefer besides yours?
- Noradura, my name. i love it

6. People to tag:
- ET dimitrie
- Kak M
- Mynn
- Dirah
- Mummy Ain

7. Who is no.1?
- my bestie in ireland. we stayed together for 3 years and been friends for 7 years now?

8. No.3 is having relationship with?
- im not sure. Sorry mynn but i think she loves shuck bass
9. Say something about no.5
- Ain is expecting a baby YAY!

10. How about no.4?
- Dirah is a hot accountant ans i miss her

11. Who is no.2?
- No. 2 is my super sis in the office. Kak M i miss u. lame tak jumpe!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The 23 year old

The birthday boy

My birthday gift

The birthday choir


Apalah makna siang tanpa matahari?

Apalah makna malam tanpa bulan dan bintang?

Apalah makna lautan tanpa khazanahnya?

Apalah makna taman tanpa bunga?

Apalah makna hati tanpa cinta?

Apalah makna aku tanpa kamu?

Lili Buat Najah

Lili buat Najah by Nazurah Aishah.

Yes my current read. A Malay-titled book. A book that touches hearts. I say hearts as it did it now only to me, but also to dear ET.

I won't spoil you by revealing what's inside (Sorry!) but you'll have to experience it yourself. I'm not sure if its me being a softie but ET was touched herself. I got this book through MPHonline but you can click(on the sidebar) at Nazurah Aishah and order from the author herself.

Last night i read it before i sleep, saving the last 100 pages. I ended up waking in the wee morning to open my reading light and read, weeping till its last pages. Yes, i cried. I cried badly that i have a swollen panda bear eyes to go to work.

Thank you Nazurah Aishah for sharing me the experience. Hope she reads it, if ever, she drops to my blog. Thank you ET for sharing this book :)

Nazurah Aishah actually did drop in my humble blog. Here's what she said

Nazurah Aishah said...
I am touched to know that you like the book and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here...different style of reviewing books ;)

For Adura and your Cintahati, There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved… ~ George Sand


Thank you Nazurah Aishah. Thanks again and a million more.


It was definitely not my birthday.

But i got myself a pressie

A beautiful white beauty

Isn't she lovely?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sugar High

(Photo courtesy of Beaut Kids)

"Children are happy because they don't have a file in their minds called "All the Things That Could Go Wrong." " - Marianne Williamson

I'm happy today.

Happy bacause it feels like i fell in love again for the millionth time :)

I'm happy today.

Happy because i went to meet my family doctor since i've been coughing for a week now. Elly wanted to check if she has diabetic ( blood sugar-level) or not. So she pushed me to check as well. So i did. Her reading was 8.1 slightly above the normal and mine, to my surprise was 5.9! How much happier could i be? I'm free from diabetes and i can enjoy sugary stuff but i wouldn't want to gain more weight. So, no thank you.

I'm happy today.

Lucky number 3


ET on Halloween

Day dreaming Dirah

Today 3 0f my favourite people is celebrating their birthdays.
Edros (the brother)

ET (the 306 sister)

Dirah (the ex-classmate)

An extra candle on the cake.

"All i pray for is for their days to come be filled with much love and happiness,
great health and wealth among the people whom they love most."

So the best part is i SMS-ed Edros before i slept last night.
Sayangness: Happy birthday. Sorry tahun ni takde present cos i simpan duit kawen :) Tu la sape suroh bagi idea tu sebelum your birthday.. Hehe

I waited for the reply, but none. Ternyata Edros kechewa because i didnt get him a gift.
As for ET, early morning, i called from my office since i saw her YM status available. It was half past 12 in Dublin, Ireland. When she answered the call, i put on the birthday song and she was gigling happily. I felt happy as well. After 5 minutes on the phone, we continued YM-ing each other. Here's a piece of our conversation.

adura sayangness: Happy birthday org tua. Boleh da kot masuk ROOTS?
Et dimitrie: ahahaaaaa.. thank u!!!Masuk ROOTS la?
adura sayangness: welcome
Et dimitrie: cesssssss
adura sayangness: kan happy slalu situ?
Et dimitrie: ahhahaa.. cesss
Cessss seems like my fav word these days
hahah.. ignore me
seyes ke tade keje?
adura sayangness: yup. hehe. keje saye harini melayan awak
Et dimitrie: hahah. bagus
sy dapat dayang harini
adura sayangness: iskk mengade btol!!
n since its ur bday, i wore your fav color
chomel kan?
Et dimitrie: ya right!
adura sayangness: serious!
Et dimitrie: what color?
adura sayangness: green!
Et dimitrie: hahah. ok!
adura sayangness: btol kn?
Et dimitrie: tenk u for thetot
adura sayangness: see im so sweet
Et dimitrie: thetot=dodgy!
*the tot
u always sweet
adura sayangness: i knw, u too.
i wish u all the love n happiness, health n wealth.
May Allah grant all our wishes
Et dimitrie: aminnnn
thank u
eh do u have webcam?
adura sayangness: takde. mesti nk tgk dura pakai baju hijau ke tak kan ?
sory dear. kat opis mane la ade webcam
nnt dura pasang curik2 k
tp kne tunggu dura beli la
Et dimitrie: ahahaaaa
bcoz boleh webcam together2
there's more actually but the more of the private heart-to-heart things, but i thought our conversation was cute n funny so i posted a 'piece' of it.

Happy birthday you guys!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

23 Practical Things You Can Do to Help Stop Violence Against Women

  1. When someone tells you about the violence she has faced, listen and believe her.

  2. Learn about violence against women, and challenge the stereotypes around the issue.

  3. If you think that someone is being abused, ask questions. Find out how you can help

  4. Help yourself heal yourself from any violence in your life and share when you’re ready

  5. Teach children non-violence and don’t use violence as a form of punishment.

  6. Try to change any attitude and actions that may promote sexism and violence.

  7. Find ways to use your time, energy and money to help end violence against women.

  8. If you see any form of media that you find degrades women, feedback to the company.

  9. Encourage people who commit violence to get help. Don’t turn a blind eye.

  10. Participate in acts of remembrance for victims of violence. Celebrate survival.

  11. Tell someone about HIV/AIDS.

  12. Donate to charity at least once a year.

  13. Purchase a fund raising item.

  14. Persuade your girlfriend to leave her abusive boyfriend.

  15. Share your food with a needy person.

  16. Practise safer sex by using condoms.

  17. Volunteer at a WAO shelter.

  18. Escort a friend to the police station.

  19. Delete sexist jokes.

  20. Speak out against racist remarks.

  21. Help your wife do housework.

  22. Teach my son to help around the house.

  23. Teach my daughter to stand up for herself.

Source: WAO’s Facebook Group

3 more days

This is how i look like today.

Busy. Yes ma'am!

No without the extra 3 hands

Sampai dah tak tau yang mane satu nak buat, yang mane satu nak siapkan.