Monday, December 1, 2008

23 Practical Things You Can Do to Help Stop Violence Against Women

  1. When someone tells you about the violence she has faced, listen and believe her.

  2. Learn about violence against women, and challenge the stereotypes around the issue.

  3. If you think that someone is being abused, ask questions. Find out how you can help

  4. Help yourself heal yourself from any violence in your life and share when you’re ready

  5. Teach children non-violence and don’t use violence as a form of punishment.

  6. Try to change any attitude and actions that may promote sexism and violence.

  7. Find ways to use your time, energy and money to help end violence against women.

  8. If you see any form of media that you find degrades women, feedback to the company.

  9. Encourage people who commit violence to get help. Don’t turn a blind eye.

  10. Participate in acts of remembrance for victims of violence. Celebrate survival.

  11. Tell someone about HIV/AIDS.

  12. Donate to charity at least once a year.

  13. Purchase a fund raising item.

  14. Persuade your girlfriend to leave her abusive boyfriend.

  15. Share your food with a needy person.

  16. Practise safer sex by using condoms.

  17. Volunteer at a WAO shelter.

  18. Escort a friend to the police station.

  19. Delete sexist jokes.

  20. Speak out against racist remarks.

  21. Help your wife do housework.

  22. Teach my son to help around the house.

  23. Teach my daughter to stand up for herself.

Source: WAO’s Facebook Group

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