Saturday, December 13, 2008

word of the day : SUPERWOMAN


Yes, like Christina Aguilera's song and i'd like to change Neyo's "Miss Independent" to Miss Superwoman. Why i say this is because, i've been working my "self" off this week just to cover up my holidays from 23rd to 29th (it might be extended till new year). So whatever i have to get done, i'll have to do it within the next few days. But truth be told, i worked till midnight.

Believe it or not? Midnight!

Cintahati even called me SUPERWOMAN!

I'm supposed to be flattered with the compliments but its not. I took it as an insult. Yes, i thought he was sarcastic, then. Whatever-lah, but i don't like to think about work stuff when i put my sunnies and flip flops ready for my vacation. I get totally pissed if i do, don't you? Please tell me i'm no weirdo, but sometimes, like all the time, i get so ticked when someone or anything annoys me when my head is in multiple knots, berceramuk, kusut, everything. Plus its PMS time so, thank you very much, i don't even feel like seeing anyone. Especially when zits starts popping like no one's business.

Before i start to maki tak pasal-pasal, i hope you guys have a great weekend.


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