Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hehe. spaQ2 is back. When all my other fave shows will soon "get some rest".

I'm not a fan of Malay shows but since now Malaysian acts are getting better and the actors/actresses are much much better than those in the 80's (i'm only referring to some of them, so jangan perasan).

There's this girl, Sheila Ooh La La (Kencana Devi), i like her a lot. Very the kaypo! But sadly Intan Azura and Elly Mazlein is no more with SpaQ.

Ok,got to go, its uploaded.I'm watching it online @ TV3.

Oh,oh and before that, Toshop's on sale starting today and i had my grab during lunch since i can't go with Eida Beyda after work cos i'll be working till late, meeting datelines. So go serbu people!

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reena said...

I'm sooo gonna serbu tomorrow (klu dpt MC).Haha.If not, this weekend.

Selain Topshop, i loveeeeeee Principles & Warehouse (tapi kdg range petite pun too big for me :()