Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend, i'll have 2 weddings to attend. I bet a lot of you guys would as well (attend weddings). Please don't tell me you'll be sitting at home "attending" Mawi and Ekin's wedding. I've had enough of their wedding coverage that another bit would make me gag. I'm definitely not jealoused at all that they're geting married but please.. stay out of my way. You guys just make me puke!

This weekend a cousin of mine, Kak Tuty will get married and an oldtime friend/neighbour is getting married too. Thank God, the time does not clash. I have this weddings next year which all 3 falls on the same day and in different states. So help me, how am i suppose to attend 2 of my cousins wedding from both my parent's side and being a bridesmaid to my good friend from KDU Miss Emma Kalsum? If only dear Papa owns AirAsia! :)

This weekend, i'll be staying in the office again, sorting out my stuffs, my work, whatever need to be done before i leave for my utterly loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong holiday (yes, please dont envy me, im just lucky the boss is me :). I'll be away from the 23rd of December till 4th. So double yay!

And since i'll be off for my holidays, this weekend, i'll be packing my luggage :) oh, and that reminds me to spring-clean my not-o-messy room. Care to help anyone?

Happy days!

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reena said...

Emma's getting married? Wow! Kem salam kat dia eh.