Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Its, again and again, the toughest time of the month.

I and the whole gang have to stay up late, making panda bear eyes, eat pizza takeaways, scoop our last Baskin Robbins again. Not that it's a bad idea but its FATTENING!! My tummy especially chose not to communicate with my brain, so everything's going hay-wire. But i can't blame Ms Tummy cos Mr Body are working extra hard and Little Miss Eyes are going opposite ways now!

This is even worst than Ugly Betty's dreams or even Blair Waldorf's wildest dreams!!

I'm in need of a masseuse (or is it just an excuse!)

Talking about Ugly Betty and Gossip Girls, well, its almost the end of their season now and i won't have an excuse to watch TV series through my flat screen/lcd monitor. Sad case. Especially when it's all hot and saucy when Blair finally confesses to Chuck (smiling dreamily!) and the fact that Heroes are getting so complicated yet I'm so glued to it, watching week after week and Ugly Betty is better than ever, greater!

But i fret it won't be long since i'll get other addictions to continue with.
One Tree Hill.
Friends re-run.
Project Runway

anything at all, i'm up to it. Plus the books piling up and the new ones Cintahati got me at the book fair at City Square JB last weekend will definitely keep me company.
You know you love me. XOXO

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mieza said...

90210 is really addictive huhu..