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Monday, April 27, 2009


Last weekend was a splendid weekend. Again. Envy me for such life after being "stress-free".

It was more of an Art & Drama weekend. The fourth theatre im attending in my 25 years of life. It was about the Legend of Mahsuri. I was there to share the excitement of watching the legendary i have listened to all my life with Edros and Elly, my siblings, Kak M and her BFF Kak Reen and also my beloved cousin Mastina.

Picture taken before the show at the hotel room

Since we were staying in Subang, we had to travel all the way to Istana Budaya which took us a good hour given the traffic in Kuala Lumpur. We arrived basically 20 minutes before showtime and managed to grab something to eat and a good glass of Teh Ais. I was starving, *burp* excuse me.

(Pls note: If you're going for theatre or concert, pleas allow yourself to be early to avoid traffic jam, finding parking spaces and to eat before the show begins as sometime they do not sell any food)


The best known legend of Langkawi is of Mahsuri, a pretty maiden who lived during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah the Second who ruled Kedah between 1762 and 1800. She died under tragic circumstances for a crime she did not commit. She died a victim of a conspiracy plotted against her out of jealousy by Mahura, her very own mother-in-law for her magnetic personality. Mahura bitterly objected to her husband's intentions of taking Mahsuri as his second wife and eventually agreed that their son, Mat Deris should seek the hand of Mahsuri in marriage. Since than, Mahura had grown bitterly jealous of Mahsuri for whom she bore much hatred.

In time, Mahsuri gave birth to a baby boy and he was named Mat Arus. This inflamed Mahura even more. Mahsuri was accused of committing adultery with Deramang, a young troubadour who she befriended. The chieftain of Langkawi, Dato Karma Jaya, her own father-in-law was so taken in by Mahura's accusation that, without a proper investigation, he sentenced Mahsuri to death.

As proof of her innocence, some people say, white blood was seen gushing out of her wound during execution at Padang Hangus. Others maintain there was the sudden appearance of white mist that enveloped the spot where she was executed, which it was believed was a sign of mourning of her innocence.

Mahsuri is best remembered for her curse on Langkawi which was uttered before she died. She had said, "For this act of injustice Langkawi shall not prosper for seven generations to come." The execution of Mahsuri was indeed a tragedy of dramatic proportions. And her curse? Myth, legend or fantasy? History tells us that within a few years of Mahsuri's death, Langkawi was devasted by the Siamese and Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya and his entire family were killed. Rice fields and granaries were completely set on fire.

To this day, grains that appear to be burnt rice grains are still to be found at Padang Matsirat. However, many believe the curse is now over with the numerous development projects undertaken on the island

(Taken from :
There you go. Go green with envy as i took pictures with Vanida Imran (Mahsuri), Sabera Shaik (Wan Mahura) and Adam Korie Abdullah (choreographer of Mahsuri). Too bad I did not get the chance to take photos with the rest. And below, is the gang who rocked my world!!

Our night did not end there. We continued with MU's game at Rasta TTDI and boy was it such a great game. 5-2, and what more better game would you expect? Glory glory Man U!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Chinta

Alhamdulillah and congratulations to my dearest friend Norashikin Mohd. Fuad and hubby Jeffri (Abg Jep i hope i got your name right!) after delivering a beautiful 3.35kg baby girl at 5.30am today on the 21st of April 2009.

I just can't wait to see you Mummy Ekin and Baby Chinta...

Monday, April 20, 2009

A:Fair Weekend

A:Fair weekend, that's what i am expecting for this weekend. Why? Well, haven't it been super duper weekends these past two weeks? And this upcoming weekend it should be as fair as A:Fair Weekend.
What's Happening? A:Fair Weekend
Where? SoHo KL @Solaris Mont Kiara
When? 25th- 26th April, 12pm to 12am.
Why? Do you need a reason to shop and have fun?

I'm starting to feel my adrenaline pumping of excitement now as i would be going through each and every stall available at the bazaar itself in hope to get my hands on all the lovely items promised. Oh well, i'd melt to any bazaars or flea markets whatever you call them. They're simple, chic, and cheap and yes i'm comparing those items you get from those brick and mortar shops and especially labelled and designer items. Goodness, so much to shop, so much to save :)
Did i mention they have over 50 stalls available? From everything and anything? I'll prove to you with pictures next week.

Now, i should just get ready some moolah, (how i wish i could have unlimited fund in cash or in my debit card, if they could actually accept it), my eco-friendly shopping bag, my flip flops (a lot of walking involved here so you need comfy shoes for that), shades and sunscreen. Are you ready now? Cos i just can't wait. BTW, i think the creator Marlena Mansor is my truly good guy friend Ikram Rizal Mansor's sister (Zal, correct me if i'm wrong dear)
Oh here's the map to get there, just in case this Penangite lose her way

1. Ketulenan
Hadir dengan idea baru.
Memperolehi sesuatu dengan cara yang tersendiri.
Golongan ini merupakan yang paling jujur dan boleh mempelajari dengan baik teknik diplomasi.
Mereka suka mengambil inisiatif dan suka menjadi yang terbaik dan kebiasannya adalah pemimpin atau boss.
Bekerja sendiri merupakan pilihan terbaik mereka. (Haha, this one is so a fact!)

2. Pendamai
Dilahirkan sebagai diplomat.
Mereka selalu memikirkan dan peka terhadap keperluan dan perasaan orang lain sebelum mengambil kira dirinya sendiri. (i hate to accept this fact, but to those who knows me well, i bet you're nodding now even though at times i can be selfish)
Secara semulajadi sangat analitikal dan suka mengikut gerak hati.
Mereka tidak suka bersendirian.
Persahabatan adalah penting buat mereka dan berupaya mendorong mereka untuk berjaya di dalam hidup, tetapi mereka sanggup untuk bersendirian jika hubungan yang terjalin itu tidak serasi.
Golongan ini secara semulajadi adalah pemalu, mereka patut belajar untuk meningkatkan nilai kendiri (self esteem) dan meluahkan perasaan secara terbuka tanpa berselindung.

3. Ceria
Golongan ini merupakan golongan yang idealistik.
Mereka sangat kreatif, sosial, mesra, romantik dan mudah dibawa berunding.
Mereka suka memulakan sesuatu tetapi jarang dapat menghabiskannya.
Mereka suka orang lain gembira dan sanggup melakukan apa sahaja untuk mencapainya. Mereka sangat popular dan idealistik.
Golongan ini perlu belajar untuk melihat sesuatu dengan lebih realistik.

4. Konsevatif
Golongan ini sangat peka dan tradisional.
Mereka sukakan arahan dan sesuatu yang rutin.
Mereka hanya akan bertindak apabila faham sepenuhnya tentang apa yang sepatutnya mereka lakukan.
Mereka suka bekerja keras dan sanggup melakukan sesuatu kerja secara sendirian.
Mereka mudah tertarik dengan aktiviti luar dan merasai pertalian dengan alam sekitar.
Mereka berupaya untuk bersabar, tekun dan adakala dianggap degil.
Mereka harus belajar untuk lebih feksibel dan bersikap lebih baik terhadap diri sendiri.

5. Perintis
Mereka adalah perintis.
Secara semulajadi mereka mempunyai sikap ingin tahu dan suka mengambil risiko serta sangat bersemangat (enthusiasm).
Mereka perlukan kepelbagaian dan tidak suka disekat.
Dunia ini adalah sekolah mereka, mereka memerhatikan setiap peluang untuk mempelajari sesuatu daripada setiap situasi yang ditempuhi.
Persoalan yang bermain difikiran mereka tidak pernah terhenti.
Golongan ini dinasihatkan untuk melihat sesuatu dengan teliti dan mendapat semua fakta yang diperlukan sebelum membuat sesuatu kesimpulan.

6. Romantik
Golongan ini adalah idealistik dan memerlukan sesuatu sebab untuk berasa gembira.
Hubungan kekeluarga yang kuat adalah penting buat mereka. Perasaan mereka mempengaruhi keputusan mereka.
- Mereka sangat suka untuk membantu dan menjaga seseorang.
Mereka sangat setia dan boleh menjadi guru yang terbaik.
Mereka suka seni musik.
Mereka menjadi teman yang setia kepada sesiapa yang menjalin persahabatan secara serius. (i can just smile :)
Golongan ini harus belajar apakah yang boleh diubah dan apakah yang tidak boleh diubahnya.

7. Intelektual
Golongan ini adalah Pencari.
Selalu menyelesaikan sesuatu yang tersembunyi,dan mereka sukar untuk menerima sesuatu perkara dengan mudah.
Perasaan mereka tidak mempengaruhi keputusan mereka.
Mereka suka mempersoalkan apa yang ada disekeliling mereka tetapi mereka tidak suka dipersoalkan.
Mereka kerap dikenali sebagai ahli falsafah dan sangat berpengetahuan dan kadangkala bersendirian.
Mereka gemarkan perkara yang berteknikal dan berkebolehan untuk menjadi penyelidik yang baik dalam menyelesaikan sesuatu perkara.
Mereka sangat suka berahsia.Golongan ini hidup dalam dunia mereka tersendiri dan mereka perlu belajar untuk menerima kenyataan dunia sebenar.

8. Penyelesaian
Golongan ini adalah penyelesaian masalah.
Mereka adalah profesional, berterus terang, penilai yang baik dan sangat tegas.
Mereka selalu mempunyai perancangan yang hebat dan suka hidup dalam suasana kehidupan yang terbaik.
Mereka sangat suka mengendalikan manusia.
Mereka melihat manusia secara objektif.
Mereka akan memberitahu seseorang dengan cara mereka tersendiri bahawa mereka adalah ketua.
Golongan ini perlu belajar untuk membuat keputusan berdasarkan keperluan sendiri daripada mengikut keperluan orang lain.

9. Pelakon
Golongan ini mempunyai kebolehan untuk menghiburkan orang lain.
Mereka sangat penyayang dan pemurah.
Dengan daya tarikan yang ada, mereka tidak mempunyai masalah untuk berkawan dengan sesiapa jua dan pada mereka tiada sesiapapun yang dianggap asing kepada mereka.
Mereka mempunyai personaliti yang pelbagai sehingga menyukarkan orang sekeliling mereka untuk memahami mereka.
Mereka umpama binatang sumpah-sumpah yang boleh berubah dan menyesuaikan diri mengikut persekitaran.
Mereka mempunyai nasib yang sangat baik tetapi juga boleh menderita akibat terlalu bergantung kepada nasib dan perasaan (mood).
Untuk berjaya golongan ini perlu membina landasan kasih sayang.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Super Week!

Last week was SUPER WEEK!

I went to KL for the training which i'm so not involved in but just for the sake of going to KL, i followed. I managed to make dates with friends. Slotting one after the other. I never had that much time to meet all my friends (as the previous guy was practically obsessive?) but slowly i'll meet all of those i left aside.

Firstly, i met someone i haven't met in ages. Khairul and i have always bumped into each other but to sit down and chat, never. So today it was just over coffee and we talked and talked and talked and we agreed on meeting again the very next day before i leave for Penang, and only if he was free. Cross you fingers :)

Attie and Her sayangness

My next date was at 8pm with my girl friends. there you go. Italiannies was super noisy with just 4 cute girls. Problem there was, everyone expected either one of us to bring along their camera, but none did and we had to rely on our cellphone which in my case sucks big time. Thankfully Attie's cam did magic! I had so much fun espcially when they had the cupcakes i got from Chic Cupcakes. Pretty in Pink. I just had no reason to celebrate, possibly, single-dom? Haha.

So after that girly nite out, , i met a just-married friend, Boy, just when i had to use the ladies. It was so funny as i was practically running in my dress and wedges. More like a cartoon character. We talked for a while and i had to go send Attie to her car. So, we went to pay the parking fee and all this while,I never knew the parking fee was to be paid upon exit, until a man said "You've to pay upon exit". I turned with a quizzical look on my face. Practically i didn't hear what he said and all of a sudden he was like "Adura?". It was my childhood friend, Nazmi! We were in the same kindergarten. Well so glad to have met him. :)
After Attie went off, i went for a drink with my sister's boyfie, Shafiq Iqmal at Lepaq@hartamas. Cool, so cool, the place. Relaxing ambience, open mic, just what i needed after a long day.What to drink? Apple juice with Lychee. Super yum! Edros was supposed to join us but since he was "caught up" with Dhiya, i thought maybe not today. But seriously, i was excited to meet Dhiya.
That night i came back slightly late to Royale Bintang hotel (apparently that's where i'm staying for the night), to get some rest before the next day. Geez, i'm so excited! Thankfully the bed was super comfy despite the size of the Suite which was rather small for the name "suite". I'm judging from all the suites i've been to and for the price of RM480nett, its not really worth it but since it was the cheapest room around Kota Damansara, we just had to. I'm comparing with One World. But i have no complaints as the bed and toilet just blinds me with perfection.
Moving on, the very next day, i had a "sleep hang-over" due to my tak cukup tido (not enough sleep) syndrome. But i just had to send Kak M, Roro and my brother for their Petrochemical training at Ensearch, Kota Damansara. And since i had a breakfast date with another long lost friend, i thought i should be early. Yes, i'm also excited and perhaps skip the traffic as well because i'd be driving down all the way to Taman Melawati.

I had so much fun meeting Ayyum, after 2 long years, and we even went to this place where they served the best Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak in the KL area, please minus Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. Being the paparazzi, Ayyum took so many pictures of yours truly. I was blushing even pinkier than my blusher. God, i sound so poyo now. It felt so good to meet up old friends that you can talk endlessly over one too many teh ais or neslo ais. Later, i went to meet his mother since she tapau-ed me her ever-famous sardine currypuffs. That is super-yum! I'm definitely going to hit the gym once i get back to Penang.

Ayyum and her sayangness

After that, i had another date. Another old friend. I was suppose to meet Ain and Baby Arissa in the first place but since Ain did not answer my calls, and i assumed she had something really important going on, so i just re-scheduled my visit to some other time. And so, my friend and i headed to Sunway Pyramid for lunch. We had lunch at Nando's. Yummy yum yum. I personally love Nando's as the food's great and the chicken'd grilled to perfection and being the spicy food lover, who would resist it anyways. Truth was, i'm still full from my Roti Canai and the too many Teh Ais (i hope my trainer does not read my blog or i'll be dead meat) but he insisted i get something and i chose my typical grilled chicken salad since irdering soup made him frown. Haha! But problem was, it sucked, the salad. The iceberg lettuce was yuck! I never had complaints before over my fave dish. Well, maybe it wasn't the lettuce, maybe i was just focusing on my friend and his 1/2 chicken and potato salads. OMG!
It was almost 5 and i had to pickup the 3 trainees. :) Thank God, i had my "human" navigator and i didn't lose track and reached Kota Damansara just 5 minutes before 5pm. Oh, my friend, Khairul made it to IKEA before we left for Penang. U're great you know that? Haha. We, Kak M, Roro, Edros and i wanted to grab something to eat but in turn had a feast of food. Well, i had to eat something since the salad sucks right? Salmon and meatballs and daim cake. I was happy and thoughtless of how much resistance training and classes i'll have to attend to all these yummy-licious food in my tummy. Gosh! Now, i really, really hope my trainer doesn't even know about my blogs' existence.

The happy girls. With kak M

But as happy as i was, i can now travel home with a smile on my face that will not leave me for life because i felt loved with all my friends. Thanks you guys, each and every one of you who made my day and life felt less miserable, from Sayangless to much more of Super Sayangness!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nelson - i wont subscribe now

Killing the Monday blues out of me, i remembered a song a friend shared with me. Sharing is caring, right? This song, with deep meanings to it, i thought was great. I don't know, try listening to it and we'll see if you agree or not with me.


Someone sent me this video clip. After all these years, he found out that She-ra (the princess of power) is he-man's twin sister. She-ra, the

Guess what's her real name is? Adura!!!! Yup thats my name :) Thanks Hafiz/ Jepun whichever name you like ....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Bumps

Not in a relationship.

Not married.

and definitely not pregnant.

This is a beautiful video a preggie mom gave me, thanks Rin. Therefore, i'd have to share it with the rest of the preggers out there especially my 2 beautiful cousins Masuri and Maslinda Masood who are pregnant for the 2nd time and also to the almost-due mom Ekin, all the best to you.

For my dearest Rin, i can't wait till baby meets Mummy Dura. :) Oh, i'm so happy for all of you.

turn me over

this is the first entry after a deadly month.

a month i wish never had happened to me. i will not dare myself to elaborate it any longer but since i've announced the re-new me (did i get that right? cos i can't seem to find a suitable word for it) i think i should put on my red stilettos and move forward, shoulders back, tummy tucked and chins up.

Don't you think so?

Well, as for the past week, did i mention i signed up with Celebrity Fitness? Wow, amazing deal you know. RM109 for a month and on top of that, i have my personal trainer. Yay! I know i'm signing up for trouble especially after watching how torturous Kimora (Lee Simmons) had to go through with hers. Look i'm not her friend, there's a reality show of hers, and i love the show!

Okay back to my gym story. My first week was crazy. Crazy i mean , i had eating disorders and i had just drink myself to keep me full. Milo, soy drinks name it. Drinks. And for the first week i went there 3 times, 2 sessions with the trainer free upon signing up and i went there once n i did a lot of cardio. Need those extra fats to get those sexy killer legs. InsyaAllah.

Well, best part was i have my gym partner, to ensure this is no hangat-hangat tahi ayam thing, being the not-so-sporty-and-lazy-bum-couch-potato me. My best friend and my brother, Edros. He didn't want to join but after much persuasion and marketing skills (tak rugi dapat degree in marketing and management) from yours truly, he signed on the agreement paper. Double Yay!

The second week now, i've collected my love for food and now i'm eating again, Alhamdulillah. But not so much, im more in control of my food intakes as i don't want them to seduce me like they always do. Haha you can't fool me now can you Miss Chocolate Cheezcake? I went there for 4days in a row in obsession of crazy classes like Celebrity Step, MTV Style, Body Step and Body Pump. I must say i love them all but the toughest should be the Steps and Pump class. You'd be sweating like a pig once its over.

Being there for over two weeks now, i made friends with 2 lovely ladies, first is Shirley. The lady responsible to make me stride in most classes. She pulled me in for the Bodypump. Yikes! And in the locker room, she's the friendliest ever. She introduced me to basically all her friends and including the second lady whom i can't recall her name but i idolize her stamina. Seriously, she's the gym freak! But with a lot of wise words on keeping fit, i heart them all. Can't wait to make more friends and join classes with my crazy instructor Fabi and David, i heart them too for coping with me. Fabi is amazing, as my teacher, she's great and crazy at the same time? Tu amor, Senora Fabi (i love you miss fabi).

Wish i could get into Rafa's class. He's hot, a Jericho Rosales lookalike but with those tight abs and strong arms! Such a motivator to keep coming for classes, no? So after two weeks, looking at the weighing machine was not a dissapointment. I came in weighing 60kgs and now i shed 2kgs. Not bad for a beginner, kan? I think i should work harder this time. Focused, maybe?

Well, there goes my brag and babbles on the gym, let's see what goes next!
Ciao Bella's..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm starting a new life
No more Cintahati but
A life full of love
A life full of sayangness..
A new chapter of me, myself, Miss Sayangness..