Sunday, April 12, 2009

Super Week!

Last week was SUPER WEEK!

I went to KL for the training which i'm so not involved in but just for the sake of going to KL, i followed. I managed to make dates with friends. Slotting one after the other. I never had that much time to meet all my friends (as the previous guy was practically obsessive?) but slowly i'll meet all of those i left aside.

Firstly, i met someone i haven't met in ages. Khairul and i have always bumped into each other but to sit down and chat, never. So today it was just over coffee and we talked and talked and talked and we agreed on meeting again the very next day before i leave for Penang, and only if he was free. Cross you fingers :)

Attie and Her sayangness

My next date was at 8pm with my girl friends. there you go. Italiannies was super noisy with just 4 cute girls. Problem there was, everyone expected either one of us to bring along their camera, but none did and we had to rely on our cellphone which in my case sucks big time. Thankfully Attie's cam did magic! I had so much fun espcially when they had the cupcakes i got from Chic Cupcakes. Pretty in Pink. I just had no reason to celebrate, possibly, single-dom? Haha.

So after that girly nite out, , i met a just-married friend, Boy, just when i had to use the ladies. It was so funny as i was practically running in my dress and wedges. More like a cartoon character. We talked for a while and i had to go send Attie to her car. So, we went to pay the parking fee and all this while,I never knew the parking fee was to be paid upon exit, until a man said "You've to pay upon exit". I turned with a quizzical look on my face. Practically i didn't hear what he said and all of a sudden he was like "Adura?". It was my childhood friend, Nazmi! We were in the same kindergarten. Well so glad to have met him. :)
After Attie went off, i went for a drink with my sister's boyfie, Shafiq Iqmal at Lepaq@hartamas. Cool, so cool, the place. Relaxing ambience, open mic, just what i needed after a long day.What to drink? Apple juice with Lychee. Super yum! Edros was supposed to join us but since he was "caught up" with Dhiya, i thought maybe not today. But seriously, i was excited to meet Dhiya.
That night i came back slightly late to Royale Bintang hotel (apparently that's where i'm staying for the night), to get some rest before the next day. Geez, i'm so excited! Thankfully the bed was super comfy despite the size of the Suite which was rather small for the name "suite". I'm judging from all the suites i've been to and for the price of RM480nett, its not really worth it but since it was the cheapest room around Kota Damansara, we just had to. I'm comparing with One World. But i have no complaints as the bed and toilet just blinds me with perfection.
Moving on, the very next day, i had a "sleep hang-over" due to my tak cukup tido (not enough sleep) syndrome. But i just had to send Kak M, Roro and my brother for their Petrochemical training at Ensearch, Kota Damansara. And since i had a breakfast date with another long lost friend, i thought i should be early. Yes, i'm also excited and perhaps skip the traffic as well because i'd be driving down all the way to Taman Melawati.

I had so much fun meeting Ayyum, after 2 long years, and we even went to this place where they served the best Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak in the KL area, please minus Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. Being the paparazzi, Ayyum took so many pictures of yours truly. I was blushing even pinkier than my blusher. God, i sound so poyo now. It felt so good to meet up old friends that you can talk endlessly over one too many teh ais or neslo ais. Later, i went to meet his mother since she tapau-ed me her ever-famous sardine currypuffs. That is super-yum! I'm definitely going to hit the gym once i get back to Penang.

Ayyum and her sayangness

After that, i had another date. Another old friend. I was suppose to meet Ain and Baby Arissa in the first place but since Ain did not answer my calls, and i assumed she had something really important going on, so i just re-scheduled my visit to some other time. And so, my friend and i headed to Sunway Pyramid for lunch. We had lunch at Nando's. Yummy yum yum. I personally love Nando's as the food's great and the chicken'd grilled to perfection and being the spicy food lover, who would resist it anyways. Truth was, i'm still full from my Roti Canai and the too many Teh Ais (i hope my trainer does not read my blog or i'll be dead meat) but he insisted i get something and i chose my typical grilled chicken salad since irdering soup made him frown. Haha! But problem was, it sucked, the salad. The iceberg lettuce was yuck! I never had complaints before over my fave dish. Well, maybe it wasn't the lettuce, maybe i was just focusing on my friend and his 1/2 chicken and potato salads. OMG!
It was almost 5 and i had to pickup the 3 trainees. :) Thank God, i had my "human" navigator and i didn't lose track and reached Kota Damansara just 5 minutes before 5pm. Oh, my friend, Khairul made it to IKEA before we left for Penang. U're great you know that? Haha. We, Kak M, Roro, Edros and i wanted to grab something to eat but in turn had a feast of food. Well, i had to eat something since the salad sucks right? Salmon and meatballs and daim cake. I was happy and thoughtless of how much resistance training and classes i'll have to attend to all these yummy-licious food in my tummy. Gosh! Now, i really, really hope my trainer doesn't even know about my blogs' existence.

The happy girls. With kak M

But as happy as i was, i can now travel home with a smile on my face that will not leave me for life because i felt loved with all my friends. Thanks you guys, each and every one of you who made my day and life felt less miserable, from Sayangless to much more of Super Sayangness!

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reena said...

Hooray! I respect la u ni.Walaupun baru jadi single, tapi u still can have fun and live ur life cam biasa.Kalau i, tak tau la..U're a strong woman.