Monday, April 27, 2009


Last weekend was a splendid weekend. Again. Envy me for such life after being "stress-free".

It was more of an Art & Drama weekend. The fourth theatre im attending in my 25 years of life. It was about the Legend of Mahsuri. I was there to share the excitement of watching the legendary i have listened to all my life with Edros and Elly, my siblings, Kak M and her BFF Kak Reen and also my beloved cousin Mastina.

Picture taken before the show at the hotel room

Since we were staying in Subang, we had to travel all the way to Istana Budaya which took us a good hour given the traffic in Kuala Lumpur. We arrived basically 20 minutes before showtime and managed to grab something to eat and a good glass of Teh Ais. I was starving, *burp* excuse me.

(Pls note: If you're going for theatre or concert, pleas allow yourself to be early to avoid traffic jam, finding parking spaces and to eat before the show begins as sometime they do not sell any food)


The best known legend of Langkawi is of Mahsuri, a pretty maiden who lived during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah the Second who ruled Kedah between 1762 and 1800. She died under tragic circumstances for a crime she did not commit. She died a victim of a conspiracy plotted against her out of jealousy by Mahura, her very own mother-in-law for her magnetic personality. Mahura bitterly objected to her husband's intentions of taking Mahsuri as his second wife and eventually agreed that their son, Mat Deris should seek the hand of Mahsuri in marriage. Since than, Mahura had grown bitterly jealous of Mahsuri for whom she bore much hatred.

In time, Mahsuri gave birth to a baby boy and he was named Mat Arus. This inflamed Mahura even more. Mahsuri was accused of committing adultery with Deramang, a young troubadour who she befriended. The chieftain of Langkawi, Dato Karma Jaya, her own father-in-law was so taken in by Mahura's accusation that, without a proper investigation, he sentenced Mahsuri to death.

As proof of her innocence, some people say, white blood was seen gushing out of her wound during execution at Padang Hangus. Others maintain there was the sudden appearance of white mist that enveloped the spot where she was executed, which it was believed was a sign of mourning of her innocence.

Mahsuri is best remembered for her curse on Langkawi which was uttered before she died. She had said, "For this act of injustice Langkawi shall not prosper for seven generations to come." The execution of Mahsuri was indeed a tragedy of dramatic proportions. And her curse? Myth, legend or fantasy? History tells us that within a few years of Mahsuri's death, Langkawi was devasted by the Siamese and Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya and his entire family were killed. Rice fields and granaries were completely set on fire.

To this day, grains that appear to be burnt rice grains are still to be found at Padang Matsirat. However, many believe the curse is now over with the numerous development projects undertaken on the island

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There you go. Go green with envy as i took pictures with Vanida Imran (Mahsuri), Sabera Shaik (Wan Mahura) and Adam Korie Abdullah (choreographer of Mahsuri). Too bad I did not get the chance to take photos with the rest. And below, is the gang who rocked my world!!

Our night did not end there. We continued with MU's game at Rasta TTDI and boy was it such a great game. 5-2, and what more better game would you expect? Glory glory Man U!

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