Monday, April 20, 2009

A:Fair Weekend

A:Fair weekend, that's what i am expecting for this weekend. Why? Well, haven't it been super duper weekends these past two weeks? And this upcoming weekend it should be as fair as A:Fair Weekend.
What's Happening? A:Fair Weekend
Where? SoHo KL @Solaris Mont Kiara
When? 25th- 26th April, 12pm to 12am.
Why? Do you need a reason to shop and have fun?

I'm starting to feel my adrenaline pumping of excitement now as i would be going through each and every stall available at the bazaar itself in hope to get my hands on all the lovely items promised. Oh well, i'd melt to any bazaars or flea markets whatever you call them. They're simple, chic, and cheap and yes i'm comparing those items you get from those brick and mortar shops and especially labelled and designer items. Goodness, so much to shop, so much to save :)
Did i mention they have over 50 stalls available? From everything and anything? I'll prove to you with pictures next week.

Now, i should just get ready some moolah, (how i wish i could have unlimited fund in cash or in my debit card, if they could actually accept it), my eco-friendly shopping bag, my flip flops (a lot of walking involved here so you need comfy shoes for that), shades and sunscreen. Are you ready now? Cos i just can't wait. BTW, i think the creator Marlena Mansor is my truly good guy friend Ikram Rizal Mansor's sister (Zal, correct me if i'm wrong dear)
Oh here's the map to get there, just in case this Penangite lose her way

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