Sunday, April 5, 2009

turn me over

this is the first entry after a deadly month.

a month i wish never had happened to me. i will not dare myself to elaborate it any longer but since i've announced the re-new me (did i get that right? cos i can't seem to find a suitable word for it) i think i should put on my red stilettos and move forward, shoulders back, tummy tucked and chins up.

Don't you think so?

Well, as for the past week, did i mention i signed up with Celebrity Fitness? Wow, amazing deal you know. RM109 for a month and on top of that, i have my personal trainer. Yay! I know i'm signing up for trouble especially after watching how torturous Kimora (Lee Simmons) had to go through with hers. Look i'm not her friend, there's a reality show of hers, and i love the show!

Okay back to my gym story. My first week was crazy. Crazy i mean , i had eating disorders and i had just drink myself to keep me full. Milo, soy drinks name it. Drinks. And for the first week i went there 3 times, 2 sessions with the trainer free upon signing up and i went there once n i did a lot of cardio. Need those extra fats to get those sexy killer legs. InsyaAllah.

Well, best part was i have my gym partner, to ensure this is no hangat-hangat tahi ayam thing, being the not-so-sporty-and-lazy-bum-couch-potato me. My best friend and my brother, Edros. He didn't want to join but after much persuasion and marketing skills (tak rugi dapat degree in marketing and management) from yours truly, he signed on the agreement paper. Double Yay!

The second week now, i've collected my love for food and now i'm eating again, Alhamdulillah. But not so much, im more in control of my food intakes as i don't want them to seduce me like they always do. Haha you can't fool me now can you Miss Chocolate Cheezcake? I went there for 4days in a row in obsession of crazy classes like Celebrity Step, MTV Style, Body Step and Body Pump. I must say i love them all but the toughest should be the Steps and Pump class. You'd be sweating like a pig once its over.

Being there for over two weeks now, i made friends with 2 lovely ladies, first is Shirley. The lady responsible to make me stride in most classes. She pulled me in for the Bodypump. Yikes! And in the locker room, she's the friendliest ever. She introduced me to basically all her friends and including the second lady whom i can't recall her name but i idolize her stamina. Seriously, she's the gym freak! But with a lot of wise words on keeping fit, i heart them all. Can't wait to make more friends and join classes with my crazy instructor Fabi and David, i heart them too for coping with me. Fabi is amazing, as my teacher, she's great and crazy at the same time? Tu amor, Senora Fabi (i love you miss fabi).

Wish i could get into Rafa's class. He's hot, a Jericho Rosales lookalike but with those tight abs and strong arms! Such a motivator to keep coming for classes, no? So after two weeks, looking at the weighing machine was not a dissapointment. I came in weighing 60kgs and now i shed 2kgs. Not bad for a beginner, kan? I think i should work harder this time. Focused, maybe?

Well, there goes my brag and babbles on the gym, let's see what goes next!
Ciao Bella's..


wawan said...

wa..dah pegi gym..i gumuk sOrg² la lepas ni dura,,hu..

[et] said...

glad u r doing fine, i know u will :)

ugh, need to sign up for Gym juga one of these days..getting out of control dah neh.

all the best with keeping up at the gym! :P