Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday blues.

Just when i thought life was so beautiful, it turns its back on me. Maybe that explains the unwritten entries. I was so caught up with life.

Joy and happiness was to brush over my shoulders, but pain after pain was all i got. Well, what's life without all the ups and downs, challenges as they may call it. But like the Malay idiom "selepas jatuh ditimpa tangga" (which explains problems after one another) i would just think the quote fits me well.

Blame me for being the drama queen, but i bet being in my place was hard enough to act out. How i just wish a director would scream "CUT" and i can re-do it all over again. I just don't know if i should tell what hurts me this time. Perhaps i'm just not ready for it. Perhaps its too painful to type it out, in case it haunts me.
Sometimes i just wish i'm dead by now but i still have faith in Allah s.w.t. I just wish he's here with me, now, tomorrow and forever, that's all. Holding my hands as we walk through this UNPLEASANT-VILLE and come back to our little life we've built.

All i pray is as much wisdom, strength, faith, hope and patience from the Almighty Allah s.w.t. Amin.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

saint gorgeous girls school

Last Monday, Noroi and Didie planned on a "business meeting" but this time, we had an extra member Justine Wong Ching Ching (Justine, please tell me i got your name right). Awy and Jesneeta couldn't make it for God knows why.

Well, the venue to meet was Secret Recipe. A windy night indeed. The cafe which seemed to be very quiet was so much filled with our endless giggles and laughters. Envy us for being so happy but this always happens since we were reunited after a couple of years being seperated by education and also in search of a scroll named Degree.

So since, at present, everyone seemed to already own one, complete their degree and all, some of us is actually going to hold another huge responsiblity hence that means we need to cherish our "single-dom" and try to get he fullest of it. The two blushing brides-to-be were so into the wedding talk while Nurul was there to roll her eyes with the 2nd February vow close to her heart.

We vowed to meet more often but since Wani was to go back to Melbourne this Friday, and come back in November for her own wedding, that means another member out of the circle and not being able to attend Ms Eida's wedding reception. But that didn't put our hopes down as Noroi again set for another farewell dinner at TGIF last night! I bet Wani will feel so depressed having to much of farewells by now.

So last night, again we met and Awy and Jesneeta was there too but Justine couldnt make it. TGIF was filled with us, our juicy gossips and what nots. We even drived the guests around us nuts even the waiters were too as they had to take our pictures over and over again. I just felt so alive even after a long day at work, and PMS. Eida thanks for the Hersheys and your listening ears as well.

I hope we would have more and more of this monthly event! It's just crazy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Shopper!

Kangah and lil Ghazi

Kangah, among all the shoppers of Chomel27 had blogged on her chomel items :) Thanks Kangah!! Check out her blog at

Her gift as top shopper of the day


OMG its already the second month of the year! And i've been so caught up with i don't know what and time seems to pass like wind on a windy day. Forgive myself for coming up with so many things just to pass the time so i won't miss Cintahati so much, like watching DVDs. re-runs of the classic drama series, sweing and especially the re-launching of Chomel27.

Even so, i've been so happy and very grateful for my dearly beloved friends whom are now, UNAVAILABLE, i would put it, engaged or MERISIK-ED, means you're on the right path to entering a new home, hand-in-hand with your other half, Marriage, in short :)

Congrats to the MERISIK-ED, Wani MK and Eida, both my oldest of friends. Congrats you both, and see u tonite.

(Wani, u should post out your picture like Eida la makcik, gamba ni tak kne ngn blog entry ni...)

Then Eida and her 80's style. Very classic, i like!

And last but not least the event, i was forced to go (joking Emma). It was Emma Kalsum Zulkifli's engagement ceremony. I wouldnt miss it for her. I really had lots of fun especially with her niece, Arianna Aisha and nephew Amar and Iman, the two boys with American accent.

I kinda like Emma's photo here as it really looked like Pesona Nona/Pengantin, something like a cut-out of a bridal magazine. Hehe. Way to go, Emma i can notice my Kiehl's lip gloss from here. Again, congrats Emma. Can't wait for June's reception!