Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday blues.

Just when i thought life was so beautiful, it turns its back on me. Maybe that explains the unwritten entries. I was so caught up with life.

Joy and happiness was to brush over my shoulders, but pain after pain was all i got. Well, what's life without all the ups and downs, challenges as they may call it. But like the Malay idiom "selepas jatuh ditimpa tangga" (which explains problems after one another) i would just think the quote fits me well.

Blame me for being the drama queen, but i bet being in my place was hard enough to act out. How i just wish a director would scream "CUT" and i can re-do it all over again. I just don't know if i should tell what hurts me this time. Perhaps i'm just not ready for it. Perhaps its too painful to type it out, in case it haunts me.
Sometimes i just wish i'm dead by now but i still have faith in Allah s.w.t. I just wish he's here with me, now, tomorrow and forever, that's all. Holding my hands as we walk through this UNPLEASANT-VILLE and come back to our little life we've built.

All i pray is as much wisdom, strength, faith, hope and patience from the Almighty Allah s.w.t. Amin.


Hanna The Belgariad said...

are u ok??
ape dah jadi??
in any case, i always pray for ur happiness...
n sabar ok!!

sayangness said...

thank u for the prayers... i really need it and appreciate it anim.

reena said...

Hey u dah ok ka?

Ishkk..Kalau i tau u tak ok, kita tak payah jumpa kat QB hari tu.Sian kat u.Now i rasa guilty plak.