Sunday, February 1, 2009


OMG its already the second month of the year! And i've been so caught up with i don't know what and time seems to pass like wind on a windy day. Forgive myself for coming up with so many things just to pass the time so i won't miss Cintahati so much, like watching DVDs. re-runs of the classic drama series, sweing and especially the re-launching of Chomel27.

Even so, i've been so happy and very grateful for my dearly beloved friends whom are now, UNAVAILABLE, i would put it, engaged or MERISIK-ED, means you're on the right path to entering a new home, hand-in-hand with your other half, Marriage, in short :)

Congrats to the MERISIK-ED, Wani MK and Eida, both my oldest of friends. Congrats you both, and see u tonite.

(Wani, u should post out your picture like Eida la makcik, gamba ni tak kne ngn blog entry ni...)

Then Eida and her 80's style. Very classic, i like!

And last but not least the event, i was forced to go (joking Emma). It was Emma Kalsum Zulkifli's engagement ceremony. I wouldnt miss it for her. I really had lots of fun especially with her niece, Arianna Aisha and nephew Amar and Iman, the two boys with American accent.

I kinda like Emma's photo here as it really looked like Pesona Nona/Pengantin, something like a cut-out of a bridal magazine. Hehe. Way to go, Emma i can notice my Kiehl's lip gloss from here. Again, congrats Emma. Can't wait for June's reception!



reena said...

Waaaa semua orang dah engaged.

Tension i.


(Tapi i tak akan engage la..Kahwin terus.Hehe)

Wiwin said...

emma!she was my classmate in cgl.wut a small world.congratulations emma..=)