Monday, December 22, 2008

Cinderella story

Remember last week when i had to attend 2 weddings?
Okay one was perfectly normal but the other was not! Well, nothing to do with the groom being my friend. But something terrible happened when i was there.

On Sunday, i had put on my new "baju kurung". A yellow number. A pretty one indeed with matching hijab and also a pretty gold heels i had in my shoe closet for quite some time now. It was all perfect. Yes, i was excited about this wedding as the groom is a close friend of mine and Edros. So, upon arrival at the hall, as the normal ritual, i would greet and "salam" everyone, the family members. So as i was doing all that and approaching my table, i felt something was wrong. So i looked to my feet and there it goes, the strap was torn.Believe it or not ?
Omygod!! I felt so embarassed but thank goodness no one was looking. How would i pass through the buffet table? What if i have to walk around? Elly was so generous to get me my plate of "nasi minyak". So as i was seated, we tried to figure out what to do with it, what's inside her handbag and my clutch to help the situation with terrible laughs about it, Elly, handed a plaster. And i was like "What good would it do?" It actually do good. She just plastered the whole thing and it was great to walk on, again. Alhamdulillah. i could walk again. So after the cake cutting ceremony we wanted to head back. Again, we "salam" the family members and just as i was talking to the groom's mother, it happened again. But on the other side.

So there goes Sayangness' glass slipper. But in my story, no prince charming would pick up my slippers as its torn!


reena said...

Hehe.Kelakar.Nasib baik pastu ok.Alaa..Bubuh la pics kat wedding tu plssss :)

Baizurah said...

hahah...your sis to the rescue time bring extra! hehehe