Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lucky number 3


ET on Halloween

Day dreaming Dirah

Today 3 0f my favourite people is celebrating their birthdays.
Edros (the brother)

ET (the 306 sister)

Dirah (the ex-classmate)

An extra candle on the cake.

"All i pray for is for their days to come be filled with much love and happiness,
great health and wealth among the people whom they love most."

So the best part is i SMS-ed Edros before i slept last night.
Sayangness: Happy birthday. Sorry tahun ni takde present cos i simpan duit kawen :) Tu la sape suroh bagi idea tu sebelum your birthday.. Hehe

I waited for the reply, but none. Ternyata Edros kechewa because i didnt get him a gift.
As for ET, early morning, i called from my office since i saw her YM status available. It was half past 12 in Dublin, Ireland. When she answered the call, i put on the birthday song and she was gigling happily. I felt happy as well. After 5 minutes on the phone, we continued YM-ing each other. Here's a piece of our conversation.

adura sayangness: Happy birthday org tua. Boleh da kot masuk ROOTS?
Et dimitrie: ahahaaaaa.. thank u!!!Masuk ROOTS la?
adura sayangness: welcome
Et dimitrie: cesssssss
adura sayangness: kan happy slalu situ?
Et dimitrie: ahhahaa.. cesss
Cessss seems like my fav word these days
hahah.. ignore me
seyes ke tade keje?
adura sayangness: yup. hehe. keje saye harini melayan awak
Et dimitrie: hahah. bagus
sy dapat dayang harini
adura sayangness: iskk mengade btol!!
n since its ur bday, i wore your fav color
chomel kan?
Et dimitrie: ya right!
adura sayangness: serious!
Et dimitrie: what color?
adura sayangness: green!
Et dimitrie: hahah. ok!
adura sayangness: btol kn?
Et dimitrie: tenk u for thetot
adura sayangness: see im so sweet
Et dimitrie: thetot=dodgy!
*the tot
u always sweet
adura sayangness: i knw, u too.
i wish u all the love n happiness, health n wealth.
May Allah grant all our wishes
Et dimitrie: aminnnn
thank u
eh do u have webcam?
adura sayangness: takde. mesti nk tgk dura pakai baju hijau ke tak kan ?
sory dear. kat opis mane la ade webcam
nnt dura pasang curik2 k
tp kne tunggu dura beli la
Et dimitrie: ahahaaaa
bcoz boleh webcam together2
there's more actually but the more of the private heart-to-heart things, but i thought our conversation was cute n funny so i posted a 'piece' of it.

Happy birthday you guys!!


et said...

heeee :)
thank u again Dura!

say Happy birthday to Edros for me as well.

[et] said...

heee..lucky number 3!

thank u Dura:)