Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok PMS or not, its the time of the month which you should hang on tight to your "hunny bunny". Call them whatever you want, do whatever they like even if your body screams of pain. What more would you want to offer since its almost Christmas and End of Year and the Malaysia Saving Sale formerly known as YES (Year End Sale) is happening all around. And today in particular, to feed my high demand and expensive hobby, Habib's on sale.

After yesterday's tutorials on how to deal with your PMS girlfriend, this would do so much wonders to her. Believe me. i know so! Even if, she's not in the time of the month, just be prepared or better still prevent it rather than to cure later on, since the sale will only last till end on this year.

I should better get going, people and "shine" myself off. Problem is, i won't be shopping any soon since i'll havve to secure some for my Christmas trip later on :)

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reena said...

I love this 1 ring from Habib (I'm not even a fan of ring).Ada sale.Murah je tak sampai RM1k.