Sunday, December 14, 2008

Body of Lies

Last night, her Sayangness went for a movie with siblings and friends. Body of Lies. Yes, Her Sayangness was into something serious and the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio's the star (my fave actor with such great talent!). However. it didn't suit the time as serious movies should never be watched at midnight. It'll be a waste. You drooling and snoring while others try to concentrate. I'm not speaking for myself, but my sis. Haha. She's not a big fan of serious movies or action packed movies. So there goes her 10 bucks

Well, another thing is the State's Governor was there to watch with us too and we, or perhaps should i say i, felt so honoured. Well, with gazillions bodyguard and police officers, i don't think anyone would want to miss it, should they? Haha. All of us felt like royalties. Royalties for 250 minutes. :)

About the preview, click on GSC cos i'm tired of reviewing it. It a good movie minus the part where its all about jihad, Islam, bombing whatever. Yawns! Okay, i don't like it when these movie-makers starts to include religions and condemning one another. Americans against the Jihad and the other way around. Before i bore you and you start to snore, i better get going.

Prepare for the Monday blues :)

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