Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Malaysia


We're spotted on Blog Malaysia.com !! Yayy!!

My Nad

That's just another reason to blog. And apart from that, i'd like to say good luck and all the best to my beloved Nad, whom just started working as the Internal Auditor at Maybank. Bravo bonita!

Parjo and Sue with their parents

And also much congratulations to 2 of my seniors actually 4 of them who got engaged just recently.

Amin and Zuen with friends

Congrats to Najib (Parjo) & Sue and Amin & Zuen!! Not to mention how much i'm loving Sue and Zuen's dresses. Absolutely beautiful :) Love is in the air!

p/s: Sorry friends that i stole your pics but i can't resist to share it. Sorry again

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