Friday, July 18, 2008

Freaky Friday

Not the movie, of course.

I got up lazily today and Papa dropped me off to work. The whole reason i was late was a great girly nite out with Ada. Yes, she came back from Dublin after 2 summers. Long talks, drama, drama, drama and a bit of shopping. She did.

Sadly, she'll be going off to KL tonite and will be coming back on Wednesday or Thursday. That's when i'm going off to JB. Great, she came back after 2 years and i get to see her twice?! (Girls, i'll pass the gift i got you guys from Mekah to Ada okay?)

Then, Ada got me these two lovely scarfs from Dublin. Thank you, Love. I heart them a lot. I think i told you that last nite. Thanks again. So, 2 to the collection. Nice! Envy me people. No, don't!
Happy weekend friends!

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