Sunday, July 20, 2008

ANTM Season 10 (part 1)

Season 10? Can you imagine? Wow! A round of applause to America's Next Top Model. My eyes had been glued to it since i knew it came out and on Astro its repeating the past seasons, so screw it.

Tyra Banks

Its a great season, i know, especially with Tyra being GREEN and environmentally friendly yet absolutely maintaining the gorgeousness.

Paulina Porizkova (the one in purple) among the models

This season ANTM featured a new judge, Paulina Porizkova, the beautiful legendary supermodel. And then, there's the fashion and runway guru Miss J. Alexander and MY, sizzling hot photographer Nigel Barker. Isnt he beautiful ?

episode 1

High school fashion was in session for 35 model-wannabe in Los Angeles and their first class for the crash course was "Modelling 101" by the super-fabolous Mr.J. They learnt how to adapt expressions to posings. Then, there was the cut for the top 14.

The ANTM 10 models

Marvita : The airhead comeback.

Lauren : The quirky girl, awkward punk girl with bad runway walks but photogenic

Stacy Ann - The sweet doll-faced.

Whitney : Poised and proud plus-size. I like her a lot!

Katarzyna : Gorgeous, Eastern European look, the sexy stunner.

Anya : The unique accent ice princess

Dominique : Tranny-look model whose strong and selfish.

Kim : Reese Witherspoon look-a-like

Amis : The crazy, happy-go-lucky model.

Aimee : The pretty red-head with porcelain skin.

Claire : The 24 year old mom

Atalya : Pretty face but with little potential.

Allison : The eating disorder and exercise freak model.

Fatima : The Somalian girl a.k.a Miss know-it-all

I have a great feeling for Whitney, Katarzyna, Anya, Aimee and Stacy-Ann . They're just my fave's. Can't wait for more drama in the house of models and not forgetting credits to Christian Marc, the abso-fabolous hair stylist and Sutan the fierce-ly fabolous makeup artist.

episode 2

First they made their way to NYC for their new crib, the house of models. Absolute stunner and again environmental -friendly. (Sorry but no pics for this :)

Aimee and her Badgley Mischka walk

There, there, it was the girls first walk. How cute is that? And they got landed their shinny feert on The Badgley Mischka Fashion show at the heart of NYC. The runway was at Times Square!!!!

Amis being fashionably homeless by Sarah McColgan

As for the photo shoot, it was "Homeless for Fashion". The girls had to send a message on homeless youth. The judges thought Amis was lost. She was supposed to be lost and in pain. She's homeless right?

episode 3

Top Model Makeovers, from blonde to redhead, redhead to raven black,brunette to blond. Long hair short, short hair extended.

Elle MacPherson and Mr. Jay Manuel

For their photo shoot this episode, Elle Macpherson, yes, i repeat Elle Macpherson surprised the girls at a photo shoot and which they model her new line of lingerie.

Lauren and the Brooklyn Bridge by George Holz

After looking thru, i find Laurens picture is concealed and less revealing than the others. Sorry guys. But hey, the judges thought it was the best photo!

episode 4

Turn up the heat, or you'll get cold! The girls went to the fire station for a fiery runway 101 with Mr J Alexander due to some mis-walks at the Badgley Mischka Fashion Show at Times Square. The girls needed help from runway diva, Mr. J. They can be pretty but not all know how to walk!

The fiery outfit

It's was actually a practice for the next challenge of the Tuleh Design Fashion Show. Winner of the challenge, Katarzyna and two friends got to do a photo shoot of Lot 29 advertorial for Seventeen Magazine advertorial with Jaslene (ANTM Cycle 8) .

Anya with 'em hogs by Trevor O'Shana

"Where's the Beef?" - The models hit the meat-packing district for an unusual photo shoot on America's Next Top Model. The girls were to pose with lines of hogs, wearing a great wardrobe out of meat, euww. Utterly provocative! But look at Anya and her meat. Look how classy she played with it :)

episode 5

Benny, Vendela and the troops

You all know your ABC's but what about the 3 C's? Commercial, couture and catalogue. (Yay! I remembered). The girls were sent for a posing class with the posing instructor, Benny Ninja and supermodel Vendela. I totally adore Benny Ninja, not for him but his passion for posings, duuh.

Claire and Stacy Ann doing their thang!

The Battle is on. You better bring it to the center. and WORK! For the challenge, the girls had been divided into 2 teams and they were supposed to battle with each other as well as applying what they have learnt earlier. The 3 C's? The battle was held in Brooklyn. The winning team went to the Swag Tent, the celebrity gift sweeps for celebrities before an award and what not. The place you can take whatever you like? OMG, i want to be on the winning team! But the best part was the best poser gets a trip to Bora Bora, that's even better!

Stacy-Ann and her paint by Peter Buckingham

"Beauty shots with paint" - The girls had to a close-up shot of their face with dripping colourful paint on . Absolute charm. I actually loved the idea. And the outcome of it. However, there was a great joke with Fatima who accidentally forgotten to shave her armpit! OMG, totally dysfunctional. Need a shaver Fatima?

( be continued)

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