Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye for now

Yes goodbye.

To my lovely, Mr. Rice. I have vowed to breakup with Mr Rice for at least the next 3 months and that excludes my sushi fix. Sorry but i need my bi-weekly salmon fix too and the best way to have it is Sake Sushi (Did i get this right? I think i did). And there's Bon Odori festival (Japanese festival) this weekend at the Esplanade. Great, for starters?! And while im talking about Sushi, im terribly missing my sister. We usually go together for our sushi fix.

Salmon Sushi

Yesterday over a treatment, which i was not able to doze off, (perhaps the hot wrap made me not) i was thinking of ways to accelerate weight loss, and i thought it was a great idea to say Goodbye to Mr Rice. I did it once before, and now i need it again.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008

I don't have a goal to be Miss Universe slim or what but i just need to shed a few pounds. More than 10kg to be exact! How am i suppose to do that? I've come to realise that i had put on 12 crazy kilos since 2001. And thats 12 kgs in 7 years. Thats 1.714 kgs a year. 0.143kg per month. Okay now i'm freaking out. Im not blaming anyone for my gain. Whose to blame but myself? That means i have to monitor my weight day after day. Yes i had bought myself a PINK weighing machine and its in my office.
Wish me luck people!

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extra terrestrial ^_~ said...

i've said goodbye to mr rice too many times before.yeah, i keep crawling back to him.ahahah.

good luck dura!