Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blast to the past

We had past the first half of the year and boy was it fast. I remembered the first day of the year. Then, there's another 5 months in 2008 till we get to 2009. 58 days till my birthday (when? you do the math) . Ouh-weeeee!!

Okay, this entry is not for babbling all that. I've come to realise a thing. I'll be 24 this year! OMG, 24? It had been 7 years since i left high school, a year since i graduated and 12 years since i met my first crush. A stranger. It's nothing more than a crush, but the funny thing is i can still remember what happened and the glittering eyes of his. The pretty brown eyes.

I met him on the last day of my family vacation at Langkawi Island in 1996. I was 12 then. We met at KFC somewhere in Kuah Jetty (if i'm not mistaken they have a mall there). He was with his big family, he had quite a number of siblings, and i was with mine. I didn't know he was staring at me for so long, till Kak Yani, my maid, told me so. I thought it was so stupid. You know, especially us being kids. Barely a teenager, i might say. But when i first laid eyes on his beautiful brown eyes, he was quite a charm as well. So my tummy sat quiet, my adrenaline rushed, my cheeks blushed and we continued to glance at each other at every second we got. Until Papa told us it was time to go.

Being "barely a teenager" i would not go and introduce myself right? Im the girl remember? I bet he was still young and naive, so was i. I went back to Penang, only with memories of his smile, and the brown eyes. But if only we exchanged names and numbers, at least we could go on a search later on when we're older. Well, i have no regrets. Believe me. But sometimes i just wonder who he is. Where he is from and all that stupid questions.

He thought me, about my first feelings towards a guy. He discovered it. But it was just a crush. Love on the other hand, is a different story. It's too early for me to even write about it. There's too many love stories, or so i presume in my drama of life. For now, there's only one love story i keep close to my heart.

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reena said...

Aaahh..First crush punya feeling memang tersangat indah dan seronok.Macam malu-malu kucing gitu.Hehe.I miss those feelings..