Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bizzy Bee

Its monday again and i have 4 days to cover up my job and also the project im working on. I have 4 working days as i'll be going to KL this friday for my cousin's wedding as well as girly dates with my friends. (Please people don't envy me for that :) I hope they have confirmed

(Note to Attie, Nad, Fafa, Ekin, Dirah, Shaz, Fairy and the list goes on)

Convex, USM's convocation is happening next week 13th to 17th August and I got a spot to sell up my nyummy cupcakes and cookies as well as many other stuffs too. I'll blog on that in detail sometime this week. Probably in between baking my cookies.

What am i doing at home at 11.30am? Kakak got really sick last night. So i have to nurse her and take her to the doc, that means now but i'm stretching out this time to catch my breath as i had been running around like a mad lady with my lovely brother for the preparations and its not going to end till the 18th.

I went for non-woven bags to stall deco and props to cookies and cupcakes stuff to everything else. From Kamdar to Tesco to Seberang Jaya and everywhere else. It's a crazy job! As you might have read earlier, i'm using "non-woven bags" as an alternative of plastic bags and paper bags. Konon-konon environmental friendly lah kan?. Well, talking on behalf of the green-er part of me, i agreed with USM's policy this year to abolish plastic bags. However, recyclable items such as plastic wares is an exception (as it is recyclable? d'uh).

So, i hope to see you guys around at USM's convex. 13th to 17th August 2008 to support me at Stall 108. The Pink-est stall i hope. Pink is the new green! Thank you. I'll post the flyers soon (if i have the time to design one, that is)

Well, i should not leave kakak for too long now. I better get going. Please pray so she'll get well soon. Thank you. Insya-Allah.

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