Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chomel cupcakes and cookies

Its already Wednesday and i have only 2 days this week to prepare for the Convex. Yikes! Plus Kakak has not been well and everything, i mean EVERYTHING had to be done with my 2 little hands. Thankfully, i have my Tuttera team with me.
My brother, Edros, Kak Muhaini, and Rosli. Edros had also lent some help with the cookies in the kitchen department (cookies pics will be posted soon). Then the ever-loving Kak Muhaini offered her hands to de-stress me with her massage. Super-Rosli managed to pull of a wonderful flyer for me. Cantik kan? :) Thank youuu....

I have also been google-ing on ideas to design my cuppycakes in between my working hours. Believe it or not, there's over 700,000 pictures, blogs, websites that features on cupcakes.And here's a few of it. I'll be getting these ideas for the cupcakes but the outcome, i'll wait till next Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully all the marshmallows, jellybeans, sprinkles and chips are ready to cover 1500 cupcakes.

Wish me luck!!


extra terrestrial ^_~ said...

nk order from dublin blh?

oh yeah,good luck!

mynn said...

kelihatan amat menarik cuppycakes tersebut! :D

*drools non-stop*

mau order fr0m dublin juge leh nggak..? huhu ;p

reena said...

Looks yummy!