Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LI party planner

Well, I'm not exactly one but the preparations are making me go mad. This is only a small thingy compared to other preparations like wedding preparations. Thankfully, I've been able to manage my time so Alhamdulillah, my cookies and deco for cupcakes are finally done.

We managed to bake the last tray at 12.ooam and lay them out in the jar, ready to sell. As for the cupcakes, the only thing left is the execution of icings and decorations, but I'm still figuring what else i should do with it. Let's se how it'll turn out.

Kak Muhaini, Rosli and I

Yesterday while google-ing i found this cupcake with a scroll and mortar board for the cupcakes. So i took the idea for MY cupcakes, and during lunchtime i got some pretty candies. Today, we tied the candies with gold thread and turn it into pretty scrolls.

The Scroll

Truthfully, i have not been sleeping well for the past week and i don't think i'll be sleeping well till the final day of Convex. The 17th that is. So I'll need the extra rest while i can. Hopefully the Gardens hotel could offer me plush pillows and a luxury king bed? We'll see about that, yeah?

However, on the 19th, I'll be heading to Johor Bahru for our project there and I'll be there for 5 days Yikes! I thought I'll be able to put on my sunglasses, stretch my legs and sip cocktails by the beach. But looking at the "South" side, Hello! Singapore. Yup, InsyaAllah, Edros, Rosli,and i and perhaps the rest of our entourage will be heading to the Lion City . For fun. We need a break after our July Holiday in Mad Medan.

(Posts on the cookies will probably be done during the Convex week. Probably, maybe later? Stay tuned and have a great weekend)

Note to my GALS: please RSVP me on our date Saturday evening. I know we're all on a budget but let's have some girly fun and gossips. Plus, how often do we meet? So lets head to the Gardens? I sound so 'Paris Hilton', but whatever!


reena said...

Babe, i love ur scarf! Is it Tie Rack?

Nadirah said...

dura, did you hv fun with the gurls on saturday? nxt time i promise to be there! hope u had fun on my behalf :)