Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The month of Ramadhan will soon greet us. It will greet us to being humble and to be fasting during the day and performing Solat Tarawikh at night. To me, Ramadhan is a beautiful month as each day is a challenge and the best part is for its Solat Tarawikh, each nights bring different meaning of its performance. Im not 'ustazah' so pardon me if i'm wrong.

Besides that, i've always loved the fasting month.

I just can't wait when we'll have the Zubir's annual family trip to KL for our Raya shopping. (it's no fun Raya shopping nowadays cos everyday i have a reason to shop). Usually, we'll stay at The Zon in the Park, a service apartment. Maybe this year we should change the venue. Then 'buka puasa' together. The kids will then continue to have a drink and 'sahur' early to avoid waking up at 430am. Let's see what we'll do this year.

To all my beloved friends,

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