Thursday, August 28, 2008

the crying lioness

I said so cos it was raining cats and dogs Syasya, Edros and i was in Singapore for the weekend getaway. We headed to the Lion City at 11am. 11am!!! when Syasya and i was all dressed up at 730am while the boys still snoozed. After hours of waking them up, finally they got in the bathroom at 10am! I was already half a lioness, ready to aim its prey. On the way to town, we stopped by some 'mamak' place for breakfast.

We walked through roads to get to the Singapore Cab's Hub. (You can only take the cab to Singapore from this hub. Singapore has this strict ruling, i dont know what) For SGD35, the four of us got in the cab with this Chinese uncle mumbling i dont know what. On the way, it started to drizzle and the boys were suggesting that we should just stick to Orchard Road and abandon the sightseeing. Perfect! Just when i figured out not to shop this time, the only time that is, my plans for Sentosa Island, to the city park, to everywhere else where its not all Topshop, Coach, and Guess, was swept away by the droplets of rain.

Syasya and I at Takashimaya s.c

I exchanged only a small sum enough for any entrance fee, taxi fare, MRT fare and meals. But since it was raining, i had that sum for shopping. Weird enough, i was just browsing through with no interest of buying anything for myself. I was in and out of all the boutiques you can name it. From Takashimaya to Far East plaza to Wisma Atria to Raffles Plaza (I remembered my graduation ceremony which was held at the Raffles Convention Centre). I tried on jeans and tops and bags and no signs of shopping bag.

Che Che New York

However, i did found potential buys. A pretty Che Che handbag. Well Che Che is a new name in Malaysia. Che Che in Mandarin means Sisters and they are sisters, how talented! They have 70 outlets to date in USA, China Hong kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. So i thought i should get one bag for its funkiness and the cupcake inspired coin bag. Then i was thinking that i should just get it at Midvalley, they have a branch there. Im sorry but im not interested with Guess bags anymore since too many of us has one and the designs now are just so blah and unless they improve i'll stick to my guts! . So i moved on to another.

And theres another potential buy, the Royal Albert 50th celebration teacup and saucer which was going for SGD29 (RM68.15) per set. I thought of getting one for myself .Then i'm thinking, "Great, takkan nak beli sampai 6 set kan?". That'll be SGD174 (RM408.90). So we figured, we shouldn't buy it now, maybe when I'm married or we'll be left starving on Orchard Road. So tak beli la kan?

Royal Albert 50 years Collection

We ended up going home early as all of us were running out of life battery plus we were craving for Malaysian food. After 2 hours stucked in the traffic from Woodlands checkpoint, we paid for a good SGD45 for the cab itself. We quickly headed for a quick fix of Assam Pedas Rumah Limas at Danga Bay. The best so far. Sorry for no photos as all of us were eating like hungry lions.

(More photos are with Syasya. Will update it later as she's preparing for SPM. Sorry)

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