Tuesday, August 19, 2008

thirsty tuesday.

it had been sunshine all day and it made me thirsty. With the workload, i cant take it. My post-convo rest had not even start a second. I pity my body working overtime. Perhaps its good for the fat in my body. Haha. Kutuk diri sendiri.

I just came back from Rumah Anak Yatim Perempuan Penang. Handed them some cupcakes. Just to be clear, im not showing off my deeds, telling the world i'm the worlds greatest but i'm just being human. What's wrong sharing what we have with others? I dont do it on a regular basis, minus donating to those at 'pasar malam' and all. If possible, i'd like to even get more friends to join me in doing it on a regular routine. Its just a thought. Execution will take time. Its ok at least nawaitu is there.

I remembered a week ago before Convex and my parents told me not to hope for profit. Do it for charity and informing people about my cupcakes and cookies. At first i thought it was ridiculous, but somehow i felt the beauty. I was happy with what i got. I may have spent way beyond my pocket could offer, but the thrill of earning mown money made me feel good. I'm not saying im better than others, i'm not saying i can find my own money and you can't. Its the effort you put in, that is.

I know some of you would put a weird face reading this. Why would i make cupcakes? sell stuffs? Is my paycheck not fat enough? Am i not into working? No. I just don't mind working hard for another ringgit. It's fun plus i have the passion for food and fashion. So thats another advantage.

I personally think that we have no boundaries to do what we love to do, (if it is profitable or otherwise). The boundary is ourselves, not your parents, spouse/boyfriends or whooever. Do whats best for you. Work your passion and you'll get there.

Enough with the talking, i should get going with my cupcakes now! Have a good day :)

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reena said...

Hey, i always wanted to do that also.U know, the charity part.Contribute to society and all.But somehow setan mana ntah hasut, so asyik delay je my niat and sampai i kerja kat Putrajaya now, tak tercapai lagi my niat tu.If i know u're into this, definitely i'll join u.

How bout we do something sempena Ramadhan nanti? I'll be home on 29-31th of august nanti.Seriously.My no 012 4634153.