Monday, August 18, 2008


The week's finally over. Long rest here i come but whoops Wednesday, i'm heading off to JB for work. Another 3 looooooong days of work work work and a day at the Lion City.

Convex was great and tiring. I have high respects for those who does this for living. People, it's REALLY tiring. All i do is unload goods, start packing food and no breakfast till after lunch. Things gets so busy once i start. There's always things to do. Gosh. And after a week, my soles are aching, my arms everything on me screams and i can barely imagine doing it for the rest of my life. Its crazy. I start at 530am and come back at what? 11-ish? Crazy la tu. But somehow, i find it peaceful when my hardwork gets acknowledged. My booth was a hit with the cupcakes tier. They cant seem to keep their digicam or SLR's off from it and my cupcakes were so well behaved, they just blush and pout it away. Hehe.

So after working my heart out, i came back calculating what i got for the week, as anyone would say, it didnt pay off as much but i learnt a lot of life lessons. Seriously. I mean a lot came to my stall surprised seeing me behind the piles of fried bihun/me, nasi lemak and cupcakes. They were like, "what are you doing here?", "is this what you want to do?", "are you into food business now?" and all those crazy questions. But, hey! im not stealing anyone's money, not doing any dirty job, and im definitely not asking money from my parents nor Mr. Boyfy. Its my hard-earned money.

Well, i'm not saying everyone came by with negative aura, even some came to support me. Friends came to help and I see a lot of familiar faces coming back for what i served. So what i had should be good, yeah? :) Then there's also those who wanted to order cupcakes and i was flipping, if i could that is. Its wonderful how i've promoted myself to people that cupcakes had hit the shores in Penang. A florist even wanted me to put my cupcakes as an alternative to cake in hampers, and a mother, a member of the PTA, asked for some cupcakes for some event. How cool is that? Plus, a lot of customers thought i had a bakery of my own. I really hope so, InsyaAllah, please pray for me.
And people, when people sent out flyers, just take it. It feels awful when someone just shake their head, turn away or whatever you do to ignore the person giving out flyers. Thank you would do good.

Okay so i think i need to catch up with sleep. She missed me a lot. Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

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