Thursday, August 28, 2008


There are a few announcements to make. Im afraid if you thought it was an engagement or wedding announcement i'll disappoint you. Maybe in the future but not today, okay?

First, is i'm gonna be a god-mother to a child of a friend.YAY!!! Who? Well, i'll let you guess. Congrats! Congrats! to my 2 months preggie friend, Ekin and i cant wait for the next 7 months. Hopefully she's not due when i'm getting married. Haha. Maybe btol kot cakap DiraDari in her blog, "don't give up. usaha, doa, tawakal. hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off, believe me. i have a keychain tht goes, "success is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration." true tht." Chaiyok, my friend! (ET-tot, did i get the spelling right?or did it sound right?hmm)

Second is i was planning on having a small reunion with my good ol' DBS/YPM friends.

Where? i dont know yet.Will plan it with Attie but drop in some suggestions yeah. Makanan Melayu? Western? Chinese? Maybe i should do some questionnaire kan? KLCC? MValley? Curve?

When? One of the weekends in Ramadhan month (Dirah pls do this once for me cos u said you tanak eat out for berbuka puasa)

Why? Im doing this cos i think we havent met for a while now so its the best thing to do, yes?
Good friends, good food and i might get you to taste my humble cupcakes.

So pls pls pls.......can we proceed?

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Nadirah said...

i'll always make time for good friends, babe. no matter what i;ve said previously. hehe. im good anywhere if its on the wkend but if wkdays bangsar and kl would be preferable :)

but can we set a date early babe? so i can make sure tht i'll definitely be there.