Sunday, August 10, 2008

080808 This is MADNESS!!

Guess where i got the line? 300, the movie.

The Gardens Hotel

The mirror at the hallway. Havent been doing this for a while now.

After 3 1/2 hours drive, my family and I was in KL by noon and checked in at the Gardens Hotel & Residences. We were excited at the same time as its a new hotel, and can't wait for the surprises. I love hotels for the interior, the bed, the shower/tub. And the Gardens did not fail me. It was simple, modern and chic. Plus its a smoke-free hotel, so no smoking is allowed in their premise.

The bathroom

They have a lot of mirrors, which i totally adore and the bathroom, i even thought of sleeping in it. They divided the bathroom into something functional and pretty at the same time. You can choose the tub for a long hot bath or choose either two showers to clean you up.

The king for the queen

We had the king deluxe, so the bed could accommodate us three; Elly, Edros and i. Breakfast was good as well, very healthy at the same time. Less sugar and carbs, loaded with greens, fruits and everything healthy. However, i think its a bit on the pricey side, RM365++. Maybe its for the plasma TV. So, since i'm not paying for it, i might as well enjoy it, right?

The Wedding

the Hantaran

After checking in, going 'ooh' and 'ahh', we managed to take a tour around Gardens and Midvalley before getting ready for the 'Nikah' that nite. So my cousin Rudzman is now a husband with a lovely wife namely Haslinda on 080808. At first,I was not in the mood to attend the wedding after a long and tiring week. But to meet my relatives, how could that be possible to not make me smile?

The newly weds. Mr and Mrs Rudzman

The 'nikah' was simple and minimal at the bride's house, the space was filled with a lot of people. The place was crowded with people. For my cousin, i squeezed in. Then during the akad nikah, i was touched when the kadi mentioned about life and responsibilities as husband and wife.

Adam doing the pouty look

My cousin had to vow on certain issues that includes talak and such. I dont know how i'll behave when my future husband were to read his vows, cos at my cousins, i had to control myself from dropping eyedrops. Call me emotional freak or sensitive, but i was touched. I met my cousin Anim whom i havent met for a terribly long time and within that short meet, we managed to catch up. She lost a great deal of weight since high school, so if she can do it, so can i!

For the "Sanding", the bride had it at MBSA hall in Shah Alam. It was okay, and the great cousin had his montage done by himself (Rudzman is the assistant director for AF3). So it was totally great. After a looooonggggggg reception, we came back exhausted.
After rounds of gossips, and girly talks, i wished she could sleepover. Its endless. Thankfully she was there for me to throw my tantrums. Sorry Attie, but people she's the World's Greatest listener. Sorry, she's taken, she's MINE!

The Best Friends

Because of the loooooong reception, my gathering/reunion with my friends were a disaster. 2 of my friends Fafa and Nad, had to leave Midvalley for other issues and left me with pretty Attie. Thankfully she was there to wait for me. I was glad. However, we were running around for a place to talk. From Chillis to Madam Kwan, to Coffee Bean to Baskin Robbins. I had 2 scoops and she had a banana split. I was surprised she ate it to the last bit.

The pinky sayangness

To Fafa and Nad, i deeply sorry to have stoo you up. I never meant it that way. Believe me, we'll have another session. Looking from the pictures Attie snapped, i bet you guys had a load of fun. Sorry to be missing. Again i'm sorry. P/s : Nad,the goodies are still with me but Fafa, you can get it from Attie. Love you guys.

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