Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malaysia oh Malaysia

Jalur Gemilang

Yesterday, i was supposed to be happy with the extra public holiday for the By-election at Permatang Pauh. The election was between Anwar Ibrahim and Arif Shah. Sad but true, i got the news that Anwar Ibrahim won the by-election from a friend. I'm not a politic fan as you may know but i had a talk with a friend and it strucked me. I don't know how but he did it regardless of the rumours. It showed how strong his team were. I'm not on anyone's side, not BN nor PKR. But the fact that Malaysia is in such chaos with politics, increment of petrol price, the debate on MARA colleges for non-Bumis made me wonder where the nationalism had gone from our spirit and soul.

We were suppose to move forward together as Malaysians regardless which side we're on. Yes? We should try to improvise ourselves together as a nation. Help those who are in need with a sincere heart. Or have all those politics and craziness of material has made our people blinded and evil. Like Darth Vader? I'm not saying money could be ignored, but we could at least be more realistic here, right? Who wouldnt want easy money? But is easy money 'halal'?

Do we see any of our big shots who is not doing their job for the sake of money? I bet theres a minority of them. Im not having negative thoughts but i'm being realistic here. Im not a political science student but im here to voice out my thoughts. This is a thought from a Malaysian. What would foreigners think of us? I don't care what they say but i'm being ignorant of truth if i did. Are they laughing at us?

I'm sure with such political chaos, silently we're chasing away multinational companies to invest in our 'beloved' country. Not meaning to say that other countries, big or small, have their own issues but i dont care bout them. I care about our country, Malaysia. What's going to happen next?

Tugu Negara

In the spirit of our 51st Independence Day we should really think as Malaysians. Have we done good for our country? Have we been a warrior like those who died in Malaysia's struggle for freedom? Or have we took our independence for granted? Have we become a warrior in the search of 'Datuk'-ship title or otherwise? Have we fought our best to maintain independence?Look into it people. Think as Malaysians.

Im not saying i'm a good Malaysian but at least i'm serving for my country. Giving back what they have given me, directly or indirectly. Even though i have never been a scholar and never have i received any loans as well from any government bodies or NGOs but i'm still trying to serve for my country. Maybe its just my way of thinking. All i have is hope and faith. After all, I am Malaysian!

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