Sunday, August 29, 2010


Believe it or not? i actually publish my crave and craze over macarons on FB hoping there's a place offering the mouth watering bite-sized high caloried dessert. and to my surprise there are a few to name here but i'll specifically mention the one i went at the Empire Gallery, Subang (opposite of Subang Parade).

I got this suggestion from a few friends and i actually dragged (a term in which is unfair since he drove the car) him to get a taste of Whisk's macarons. Believe me it is not easy for me to persuade this guy of mine. I had to google and search for more info to 'buy' him into getting these delicacies. Plus, we have not been to the Empire and it's been awhile since we shopped (wait, does hunting t Jalan TAR considered shopping? i hope not :)

Once at Empire, i saw a small cafe which reminded me of those shops i'd get a hot choc in London/Dublin. The ambience were cosy i felt like having the red velvet cake perhaps with a cup of chamomile tea with honey? But be reminded people it's fasting month. So satan, you can actually go to HELL! haha.

There's not much cakes and stuff's here but its a great place to hang out with your girlfriends, catch up with old mates, tea dates with loved ones and even a dessert day with ur young-lings. Price wise? Perfect! I bet it's the most cheapest macarons in KL apart from making it yourself. Ranging at rm18 per 10 pieces.

Oh and did i mention the owner, Aunty Nina is as warm as the hot choc she makes. A great person i met and i really felt comfortable chatting with her. More like a mother-like aunty to me. She even proposed on having her famous red velvet cake for my wedding? Wow! i like RED! I guess that's all for this entry since i'm practically drooling here. Please, please try macarons @ Whisk.

Happy macaron-ing people.