Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and so he proposed..

yes. a proposal. a proper proposal. so classic yet so dreamy.
sunset by the beach. candlelit table. it was unplanned yet it was the most romantic moment of my life.

at the particular moment i was speechless. "macam ni ke rasenye kne propose?" honestly, i didn't know how to react. nak senyum ke nak ketawa ke nak lompat ke nak nanges pon ade. semua pun ada. but all i could utter was i love you.

i think that summed up everything.


Drama Mama said...

happy for you!!! so sweet of him..i can't remember the time when i 'got' proposed. msut be so very plain kot that i don't remember it. hehehhe

anz said...

sooooooooo happy for dura :)..cannot wait to catch up with u in sept bila i balik raya..mesti jumpa tau!

sayangness said...

thnks for the lovely wishes. aliaa n kak ju'ah, if ure free ure soooo invited to come over for my 'open house' ok :)

Nadirah said...

aww congrats babe! so happy for you! and i like the new blog layout :)

[et] said...

omg!omg! sgt terlambat br bace neh (altho dah tau, haha stil excited!)
i'm happy for u..congrats!and yes, loving the new layout!

sayangness said...

thanks for the well wishes dirah and et. omg! both of same birthdate. yikes. i'm happy too but i really, really, really hope u guys can make it if not for Eday, for the BIGday. insyaAllah.

the new layout? pretty kan? hehe.. i miss blogging!!!