Tuesday, July 20, 2010

in new york..

concrete jungles where dreams are made of
there's nothing you can't do....

pardon my singing but i hereby welcome the arrival of my parents who went to houston, texas and the big apple (without the whole entourage). they were very excited i bet! which remind me of my holiday to london-paris-dublin-york that was practically one of the most exciting getaways given the fact i survived going on alone (yes i did meet up with friends here and there whom i'm grateful til today) and the recent trip which is yet to be confidential. that topped all holidays i've ever been to.

as for mama and papa, i think they were having such jolly time. they went on tour, shopping, walked for blocks, broadway, went to the fashion district, stayed at 7th avenue, what's there not to love? obviously they brought home tonnes of goodies and 1 thing i loved most was the car plate with writings of "princess"!!! PRINCESS!! i knew this came from mama herself. Die pantang tengok anything with the word princess, she'll definitely get it for me. last she got me was also for my car, the tag with " princess inside". how sweet kan?! i bet she still sees me as her lil princess. Goodness, i'm getting teary eyed now.

while mama was jetlagged, papa was excited with his trip. telling me how it went, what he did and the Bolivion baskers he's bragging about. Papa even bought their CD. So they should be good. Papa is not the typical dad who listens to their songs, he's updated and watch American Idol. He hearts Katy Perry's "if we ever meet again", crazy about all of Lady Gaga's hits, says he'll get the VIP seats if Shakira ever lands in Malaysia, u know all those and i'm so proud to say he's my becoming 60 year old dad! Who blames him for knowing his music??

well, everyone got their portion of goodies. i got myself great items which occurred to me that it had been so long since i last shopped!

like elly kakyu, kak tini and adik would mock me... S.A.V.E! (which means i should be saving for my wedding)


see you soon with more updates

Love, the queen

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