Wednesday, March 26, 2008

edros' convocation

And so it was a hectic week. The week of 17-23rd march. i had an order for 600 of my cup-nyummy-cakes, i have another story to write on this. and there i had to prepare for my brother's convocation. he had a suit from Zara but was so stupid or should i say stoopid to forget that a shirt n a tie is also needed. well, thanks to the ever-happy sister-who-loves-shopping (batting my eyelashes off), he dragged me to Queensbay to see what Raoul can offer.And so we managed to pull off a pretty silver/grey-ish coloured shirt to pair it with a tie with diagonal stripes of grey n pink. yup PINK! but seriously it looked great, right!

On Saturday itself i was pretty busy, woke up early to ensure that i've made the 100 pieces of sandwich ordered by mama's fren (Gosh! how can sandwiches be so hard to make?). even though i felt like pulling the blanky and cover my head and wake up LATE! i mean it, my post-cupcake making is beyond words can describe. my sole still aches, well to be exact, my whole body! ok and where was i? after the whole sandwich thing got together with some help from my maid, i showered and paint my face with makeup (haha!) and seriously if it wasnt for Edros' convocation, i wouldnt be pushing myself to the limit.Plus i was anxious to meet the famous Angkasawan who is supposed to be attending the same ceremony, for some award (but didnt since the convocation was pushed 2 weeks later cos of the pilihanraya thingy). Right? he's gorgeous, smart, omigod what else? (syafiq's gonna scream at me if he reads this but syg, i love u) And here's a snap of me, the sister and Anan, my bro's girlfriend who flew all the way from Medan, Indonesia....

okay so there goes my fist blog... oh and there's another thing i love this song from gita gutawa n dafi "dua hati menjadi satu". cheesy n corny, just right for ME :)

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reena said...

Hey, u ada blog! Keep on writing k? :D