Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the skies were blue

Thursday 30th April 2009.

Perfect weather.

Hot and humid.

Three boys and i.

Loud music.

Tonnes of jokes.
It was just perfect. A perfect drive with the perfect company. It was going to be a long drive, a long journey from north to south and to be able to be accompanied by these few people, tremendous people, was priceless. My tummy could have exploded any moment due to over-laughing (if there is any term for laughing too much). I was even okay when i found out i left my pink toilettries bag. Believe me , you would not like the sound n sight if i miss that particular bag. From my soap to shampoo to facial cleanser and serum and toner and moisterizer and sunscreen. Everything was in there. Noooooo!!!!
It was the eve of Labor Day. I managed to get a room at my favourite hotel, The Pulai Springs Resort. This time around Cinta Ayu (the one we last stayed at) was fully occupied and we had to go for the boutique hotel, Anugraha, which, to me, is more for the newly weds and romantic couples. The view which overlooks the golf course looks superb in the morning. So fresh and so green! The room, perfect for the couple with a great spacious bathroom with a shower room and also a large tub. Did i mention the tub had a window, just in case you feel "sexy". Goodness, totally not good for a family vacation or anything like it. Strictly for COUPLES! Nonetheless, all of us loved it there :)

Reaching Johor Bahru at night was not normal, to us. We usually reach there by mid-day but since we left Penang at noon, we arrived late. Well, that explains. It's ok, we were not in a hurry, are we? Just some back aches due to the long sit. But with the back aches, we still managed to chillax till the late. Met my old lovely frens/couple/duo/soon-to-be parents Am and Rin with Rin's super-rocking mom-in-law, a lot of catching up and "interview" sessions with the Mom-in-law and i met a new friend as well, Achid who is Rin's colleague. Isn't it great to make new friends? It was getting late and we needed a lot of resting to do till the next day which was SR and Momo's day which is definitely going to be hectic. I so need to get my feet soaked in luke warm water a good shower and a great pillow, let's go home boys!

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