Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 tahun sudah

It's been so long since i abandoned this page. I haven't got an excuse for that. Partially being lazy as i didn't even had the time to bake cakes or cookies for the festive season, so please excuse my laziness. Apart from that, it hadn't stop me from being lazily in love. Please LOL!

Here I am today being 25 years old, a year older and yes, being lazy. Super lazy! like Adik Azreena would call me.

Sudah sudah la tu MR LAZY, sampai bile kan ? Actually I'm just so excited to share about my 25th birthday celebration. Nothing so grand like the ones you see on MTV super sweet 16 or such. Perhaps i prefer celebrating with smaller crowds, close friends and family or just family instead of tonnes of people i hardly know. Been there, done that.That's just what i feel, we may be different, no?

So back to the topic, it was actually the day before my birthday. It was actually after Mr. Mystery's sister's engagement ceremony, kenduri/open house and all of us, everyone was tired, every drop of sweat was drained out of the system and i had no plans the whole day but to just lie down and rest. Totally forgotten that it was the night of my birthday. Seriously.

And so, he asked me out for dinner with the newly-engaged. And i thought, as normal it was. I was hungry and so was he. However, it was a little weird when we drove to some place none other than the regular. Perhaps it was a new place he discovered. Tak kesah lah mak, janji ade food i'm fine :) until we came to this lovely place that made reminded me so much of Bandung. It was Bora Asmara. (Pls, pls try the oriental chic chop, SEDAP!) Some place i would love to celebrate my birthday. PERFECT! So 100points for you,Mr Sword (Btw, don't be mistaken Mr Mystery and Mr Sword is the same person)

The moment i walked in, i thought how lovely it was to have my wedding here for close friends *berangan mode* and there it was RESERVED for ******* (Mr. Mystery). Goodness! Reserved? Means it was planned. Then, i remembered when my sister told me about her sms-ing with Mr Mystery few weeks back. "Hmm takpelah. Buatpe nak jealous kan? She's my sister" i thought. But there's seats for 10?!? He expects me to seat at one end while i'm on the other ke? No way! Jauh sangat kot, we're not like what he said dracula and vampire in an eerie mansion. Sangatlah tak romantic Miss Sayangness nih kan?. haha!

To cut the story short as well as to avoid from those reading from puking green stuff due to my corny mushy talks (who would even want to read all the details, so I'll just keep in mind what happened and spare the rest) the rest of the crowd came (Mr. Mystery's brother and the newly engaged). There it was a birthday tiramisu cake (sponsored by the newly engaged) and a paperbag full of pressies (from Mr Mystery's dad). I was practically jumping out of my seat, due to overdose of excitement. I really hoped he didn't noticed. Anyways, i think he did. But whatthehell!

To add a little bit of twist, the resident band, i think it was a 6piece band, unplugged sang me the birthday song and another two number but my fave was I'm yours by Jason Mraz. Was this all planned or did it fall in place just perfectly. Seriously dreamy as it sounds,right? But he claims himself as not being romantic, Whatever you say...

We went back after the gang left us earlier. And so the rest of the night was spent, quietly and romantically, NOT! We were so out of ideas plus exhausted at the same time hence we figured to go home and rest well would be a better suggestion. Anyways, i could always celebrate it the next day, right? Cos it's still 27th?!

So see you tomorrow to fill in the blanks _______ :)


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reena said...

OMG..Super sweet lah Mr Mystery u too! Bora Ombak best eh? read mix reviews about them. Tp klu u ckp good then good lah. Heh. Eh, u know what, i pun berangan nak buat my wedding reception for close friends kat restaurant je. I mls nk dewan2 or khemah2 bagai. Hihi. Tp berangan je la.. :p