Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eiffel im in love *part trois*

22nd July 2009

The next day started out so lousily as my topup was out. Here my head was practically screaming "I wanna go home now!" because calls were much cheaper,but whatever, i'll have to bear with it for the next 12 days. *sigh* Thankfully lil Miss ET loaned her phone to still keep me connected. Hence, pursuing our tour of the French land.

Then again it was super sunny and i was dressed lightly compared to yesterday. I just could not bear the heat. And breakfast was super yummy too. Thank you my French mama. She made the best hot choc and i had scramble eggs and croissant with peach jam and cherry yogurt. Need energy to keep me going for the whole day since food don't go cheap there, thus i might as well stuff myself where there's limitless food at the buffet table right?

the honeymooners

We first went to Musee de lourve (pronounced as musi de loo). Hehe, funny kan? Cos the train station stopped at Palais Royale Musee de Lourve and apparently Et said, Kelantanese would be the one who'd pronounce it perfectly. Here, the museum stores the great paintings of Monalisa and its bad to admit that i could not care less about it. It's just a painting. Perhaps, i would be back to stand in the line and get my pretty-self in the museum and really appreciate the painting and other treasures there.

cafe marly at musee de lourve

However, i did not waste any time there since the scenery, the people was just too beautiful for the day and it was really perfect to drink a cup of lemonade instead of a hot chamomile tea with honey (yours truly needed a hot drink since she was not feeling well) suggested by our good-looking waiter, Pierre.

don't you girls agree with pierre?

After a while, Sayangness and ET marched to Champs-Elysees where there'll be the Arc d Triomphe. It was so exciting since the roads were full of boutique and designer labels, whatever you need. And since my dear friend was tired walking in her oxford heels, she needed a gladi flats badly, urgently!

We both dined at Monte Cristo Cafe which took us an hour to get our meal. Perut dah berjoget berzapin baru nak sampai but thankfully the oh-so-sweet-with-chic-name-i-forgot ice cream came first, so tak sempat lah the both of us nak mengamuk di tempat kejadian.

my goyfy et

I was in search of souvenirs and knowing myself i would not buy a little as most of it comes in bulks. Thus, Et said the best place to shop for souvenirs is at Rambuteau (pronounced as Rambuto, i think :) It was heaven! From postcards to t-shirts to fridge magnets to keychains, this place has it all cheap and i mean it!

And here Et was so looking forward to have KFC and i'm like WTH since i came all the way from Malaysia to have KFC. But i don't complain since it was all good. We tapau-ed the KFC and had our good time eating it in our room with the magnificent view. Full tummy, sleepy eyes, tired feet and a great bed.

Goodnight, ET! *kishkish*


[et] said... retarded pic at Monte Cristo..a very posh looking cafe with an extremely bad service!!!

reena said...

Perghhh waiter kat sana siap pakai suit? *Jakun* Tp mmg hensem ah mamat tu. Haihh bila la nak sampai Paris.. P/S: I loveee ur bag!