Friday, November 27, 2009

movie marathon!

Well not really a marathon i would call it (but whatever-lah) because i watched New Moon at midnight 27th November and followed by Christmas Carol 3D just now at 4pm. Its grand to know that i have a partner to watch all the exciting movies showing this month.

I'm not a Twilight fan nor Edward Cullen's but i just think the movie is super-over-rated. I don't see any special thing in it but just another romantic-vampire-werewolf-human-movie.but then again maybe it's because i have not read the book nor saw the first Twilight movie. My bad then. Perhaps i'd have a different view on it if i did.

And, and i don't get why girls get crazy over this skinny vampire but if that's your preference then be it because if you ask me I'd prefer a mix of Jacob's hot bod and protective traits and Edward's calm and romantic trait. Then again, he'd be too perfect lah kan, Mr Dreamy? What are you Mr Mystery? A mix of both perhaps (hopefully)?

All in all i'd give a 3 1/2 star of 5

Christmas Carol 3D however had super 3D power. This is my second 3D movie after the movie Up with Mr Mystery and it never failed to excite me as the little girl in me starts jumping up and down. The images and effects were grand! i loved it especially when you can see those snowflakes falling on your nose. Exaggerating much? Whatevs lah!

Nevertheless, at a point its a tad bit boring, The storyline, i mean.i almost slept through but i dare not miss a minute. i'd give it a 3 star of 5. I couldn't quite get it but all i could say is don't be a stingy and selfish person. It might affect your loved ones and that we should live our life to the fullest. Life is too short to be miserable especially by others. A moment not to waste.

Well,well, next on list before he returns to Shah Alam this Monday would be:
1. The Time Travellers Wife (i'm reading the book and hate spoilers but i hate to miss watching the movie)
2. 500 days of summer
3. 2012

Rase-rase sempat tak eh? Fingers crossed. But lets try my luck.
Puppy eyes: ON
Batting eyelashes: ON

Hopefully, he reads this entry when he returns to KL and not now if not, like Zee Avi would say KANTOI!


Anonymous said...

a'ah yong, christmas carol bosan dan mengantukkan, jalan cerita dah tau
agak menghampakan untuk cerita jimcarey!

JuNe ManGo said...

. The Time Travellers Wife - em going to buy the DVD.
2. 500 days of summer - Not too bad.. but i think summer is SICK!. haha..
3. 2012- Scaryyy!!