Thursday, November 5, 2009

should i?

Should i be ego when i should be compromising?
Should i smile when i should be crying?

Should i give up when i should give in?
Should i let fate decide for me when I've faith in it?

Should i pretend when all i am is sincere?
Should i return when i should just keep it?

Should i be patient when the clock is ticking?
Should i give time when life's too short to be miserable?

Should i hate when i should love?
Should i be honest when truth really hurts?

Should i ignore you when you know i can't?
Should i leave you when you need me?

Should it be later when its all too soon?
Should i listen to you when i should be me?

Should i ignore when it all feels right?
Should i be nice when you know I'm selfish?

Should i let go when i should hold on tighter?
Should i let others decide when i know what i want?

Should i lie when the cards are laid?
Should i be someone else when I'm myself?

I don't know the answers to all these. But it got me thinking.
I don't know if anyone ever knows whats right and whats wrong to do.
I don't know if everybody knows cos nobody really knows.

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