Friday, January 23, 2009

Room 211 : The big 18

Much apologies for the long postponed entry. I have been to Jakarta again but this time was mainly business, nothing much to review on as most of it overlaps with the one before. So here I am, continuing my journey of Room 211.

It happened on the same day we went to DuFan, 24th December 2008. No one even mentioned anything about Syasya’s birthday. It seemed to be working, my plan that is. So upon checking in at Kartika Chandra, and a few hours rest as well as passing the time to wait for Papa and Mama’s arrival later at about 8pm we went to explore Planet Hollywood, Jakarta.

It had definitely been awhile since I entered such places. That’s why I chose to dine there at about 6pm (about 5pm Malaysia) hoping they serve something familiar to our tummy. At last something familiar was on the menu, not so much of the local cuisine. So everyone seemed to have put on a smile and we ordered, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagna and Nachos, and FishNChips, of course.

So after chatting, I excused myself to the “ladies”. It was suppose to be an excuse to get the waiter to get the cake. And so they did. And, boy was Syasya blushing after the waiters made her stand on the tall chair. I’m glad she had fun. There’s nothing better than a surprise right?
happy 18th birthday Syasya.

So after our late lunch, early dinner, we wanted to take a look at Jakarta’s mall and the closest was Semanggi Mall which was a mile away but it took us almost an hour. How’s that?

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